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(Image: Nick Clark)

A Beginner's Guide to Acroyoga

If you are like me, you hear the word Acroyoga and think WHAT THE WHAT is that. I don't know much about yoga, but I've been in the spirit of trying new things lately, so I agreed when asked to come along for the acroyoga ride.

So what is acroyoga? The textbook definition of Acroyoga is the combination of both practices of acrobatics and yoga. To be frank with you, I am the least yogi as well as limber person I’ve ever met and the word acrobatics makes me clammy.

With limited knowledge of what the heck acroyoga even was, Carey Brandenburg and I ventured down to Kula Movement in Ballard. We met with Andrew and Emily who were going to instruct Carey and I how to do the dang thing. We decided immediately that I would be the base (the one on the bottom) and Carey would be the flyer as I am twice her size. I still LOL picturing how it would have turned out if Carey tried lifting me into the air.

The thing I immediately noticed about being a base in this practice is that you are working muscles you have never worked in your life. There were muscles in my quads and glutes that were shaking so hard it was almost comical. Actually scratch that – it was completely comical. As we started getting into the groove of doings some of the lifts, you realize that it’s all about finding a center of gravity with your partner. Whoa, did I just get super yogi there? Anyways Trust and communication are definitely the foundation of having complete faith in your partner. Only then will you be able to do the moves.

After giving a few poses our best effort, we let Emily and Andrew take over and show us how it’s done. What an incredible thing to watch! The amount of trust, communication and synergy they had to have to make some of those moves fly, was outstanding to watch. I can only explain it in a few words, so PLEASE watch the clip above.

I would absolutely recommend going and trying it. If you are an experienced yoga gal or guy or a complete newbie (like me) there is something that everyone can try. You just have to trust yourself, and dive in the deep end!