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Meredythe Glass recalls her days as an extra in the Emerald City scenes (Image: Seattle Refined).

98-year-old local actress spills secrets from Wizard of Oz set

This month is the 80th anniversary of the iconic film, Wizard of Oz, and we have a Mercer Island woman who may just be the last living cast member!

You can find Meredythe Glass, a young and spry 98-year-old woman in The Mercer Island Thrift shop where she volunteers a few times a week, but back at Covenant Shores, where she lives, there is a huge glass case with memorabilia honoring her time as an extra in the film.

We of course wanted to get all of the details - what it was like working with Judy Garland, what her experience was like and even got her to sing a rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Glass was cast as an extra in all of the Emerald City scenes, making $16 dollars a day.

“Being an extra in Hollywood is the lowest thing you can be. You can’t get any lower," said Glass.

Glass also recalls her interactions with Judy Garland, the main character who played Dorothy.

“[Judy was] wonderful. She was two years younger than me and we were a bunch of kids in those days. There was no part of her that wasn't anything but lovely. When she got her first car we all piled in. She was driving all over the place and we were yelling [all around]” laughed Glass.

At 18 years old, Glass’s acting debut was in the Wizard of Oz and was casted by producer Mervyn LeRoy, who was her mother’s cousin.

This launched her acting career, standing in for Vivien Leigh in 1940’s film “Waterloo Bridge” and working alongside Mickey Rooney in “Babes on Broadway” “Strike up the Band,” and “Babes in Arms”.

But for this young starlet, there is no place like home. Hollywood was never her scene. However, her short run in Tinseltown was worth it!

As for seeing herself on the silver screen, “I thought it was great I was just one of the gang there. That part of Hollywood I loved. I didn't like the social part, it wasn’t very social,” laughed Glass.

For this young, nearly century old talent, she remembers her time on Oz like it was yesterday. Be sure the watch the clip above for the full interview with this local legend!