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A Costco employee has created a Facebook page for the bear, and images have been flooding in from the few people who have gotten their hands on them already. (Image: Claudia Augello, Johnny Sanchez, Scott Yamamura / Seattle Children’s Hospital)

93-inch plush bears are coming to a Costco near you

Finally! We've been so disappointed in the lack of large plush bears around town, especially ones that are only 92 inches.

Thankfully Costco has answered our prayers and will be offering this 93-inch gigantic bear in stores starting late fall (and released an adorable video in the meantime with a special appearance by Russell Wilson and the Seattle Children's Hospital).

The bear will retail at $179.99 and is expected to be in stores November 1 (although some are floating around random stores, and have prompted a Costco employee to set up a Facebook page).

Check out more people having fun with their bears in the gallery!