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8 House Plants Even You Can Keep Alive

I've never been a green thumb, that has always been my sister's role. She’s the gardener. The one that speaks to plants and hears them in return. The one who understands photosynthesis and root growth.

Me? I just like pretty, green things.

Then I read about all the benefits of indoor house plants; how they purify the air and boost moods. I knew I needed houseplants in my life, in my home. So, I set out to find the plants that I couldn’t kill.

I needed brave plants. Strong plants. Ones who would forgive me when I forgot to water. Ones who would forgive my children when they came behind me watering “just a little extra.” It kind of sounds like I was on the lookout for a miracle plant. And I was. They had to exist, right? A few plants met their demise under my care one got left out in the cold, another dried up and withered under my inattentive eye. But a handful of others? They lived. They grew. They became my best little plant friends.

For a few years now I’ve been learning about plants. The learning curve has resulted in a few losses and, thankfully, a few, flourishing beauties. I can officially say, “I KEEP PLANTS ALIVE!” Well some plants, but you get the point.

If you want house plants brightening up your space without the fear of being called a black thumb, start with one of these gorgeous varieties.

Aloe Vera

If you’re one who forgets to water, aloe is for you! They don’t need daily or even weekly watering, just a full soak every once in awhile. Perhaps best of all are all the aloe remedies, they’re best known for aiding in burn relief.


No doubt, calathea leaves are the prettiest of them all; they almost look painted! Calathea is often called prayer plants as their leaves flourish open in daylight and fold at night like praying hands.

Chinese Evergreen

With wide, oblong leaves Chinese Evergreen is resilient in that it’s known to weather both under watering and over watering. So as you learn to be a houseplant parent, this plant will be quite forgiving.

Christmas Cactus

If you fear you’ll forget to water, go with a plant from the cactus family - they’re used to desert livin’! The Christmas Cactus is a special one to keep an eye out for since it grows sweet little blooms in white, red, purple, and pink.


This beauty is my most recent plant addition. The thick, waxy leaves are gorgeous and hearty! This plant is known to thrive under fluorescent lights so pick one up for your desk at work and enjoy the pep of life while you work through your tasks.


A dear friend claims that philodendron are her very favorite, so, it’s next on my list of plant babies to add to my growing jungle. The cut out leaves are beyond beautiful - I just love the intricacy and a plant that prefers the dryer side and low light is bound to be my best friend.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Don’t let the name scare you off! This plant from the sansevierias family, sometimes called the snake plant - which is equally scary, I suppose - is thick, sturdy, and death defying. Water when it crosses your mind, once a month or so, and you’ll be set!

Spider Plant

I’ve had such luck with my spider plant! This summer I moved it outside to the back porch by my reading chair and now that’s it’s colder, it’s back inside and happy as can be! Just remember, weekly watering and window light and soon your spider plant will start sprouting what they’re best known for - lots and lots of “spider” babies, shoots that you can replant and share with friends.

And, when all else fails, pop into IKEA and pick up a real good lookin’ fake plant! They definitely have the most realistic assortment at the best prices!