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Places like Banya 5 are a godsend, particularly in the winter. (Photo Courtesy of Banya 5)<p></p>

7 Hot Tips To Get You Through Winter

It seems like the gray, rainy days are unending, but any local will tell you, the dreariness is worth sticking it out - Seattle's springs and summer are simply glorious. We feel you though - but do keep in mind, it's all up from here! The days are getting longer, which is much appreciated after our rainy spell. Here are seven hot tips to get you through the thick of winter.

Vinyasa Yoga

Get stretchy and steamy at a local hot yoga studio. You'll feel 100x more zen when you emerge, despite the rain. You can take all that warmth with you and carry the torch all day long. Some of our favorite vinyasa yoga spots in town are Seattle Yoga Lounge, Shakti Vinyasa Yoga and Live Love Flow.

Hot Pot

Get the crew together and take things into your own hands. There are a number of great hot pot spots in town, like Style Hot Pot and Roaring Bowl. Nothing gets the conversation started like an interactive dinner experience.

Add A Little Vitamin D To Your Diet

Here's an easy one that you can do every day to get things started off on the right foot. You know that one vitamin you're supposed to get from the sun? Well, it's a little harder to get when then sun is MIA. You can pick up vitamin d tablets from most local grocery or health food stores.

Hit the Spa

Places like Banya 5 are a godsend, particularly in the winter. Go between the glorious eucalyptus steam room to the jacuzzi and punctuate all that luxuriating with a nice hot cup of tea from the upstairs break room. You'll leave rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever the sky decides to pour on the city for the day.

Bake Cookies

Nothing gets the kitchen warmer than dialing up the oven to 350 degrees. For some wholesome goodness, we love getting busy in the kitchen. Reference our handy dandy chocolate chip cookie recipe guide here, snuggle up with a blanket, good book, stack of cookies and glass of milk and call it a day, champ.

Plan A Trip Halfway Through Winter

Maybe you have your sights set on California, or perhaps a more exotic locale is in your forecast. Chunking up the monotony of the season by splitting town halfway through is the perfect way to get a little break from the rain. Seriously, a little sun could do you some real good. Here's a roundup of quick flights from Seattle.

Try Your Hand At Glassblowing

Feel the heat, my friends! Check out Seattle Glassblowing for workshops. Playing with fire is a great way to forget about the doom and gloom of the sky outside. Hot tip: Seattle Glassblowing typically has a Groupon Deal, so come on and get toasty!