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Tarasco plays host for some serious weekend karaoke action, fully equipped with a smoke machine and dramatic lighting for your performance needs. (Image: Courtesy of Tarasco)

7 days of karaoke in Seattle

Everyone has that one friend who loves karaoke a little too much. In my group of friends, that person is me. There's nothing quite like the cathartic experience of belting out your favorite jam into a microphone. For some, the thought is terrifying - but luckily for the bashful, there are karaoke venues that offer private rooms such as Rockbox, Seattle's Best Karaoke, and Venus.

While these are all fantastic options for birthdays and other special occasions, you might not be looking to shell out money to rent an entire room for you and a few friends. Luckily, karaoke nights hosted around Seattle are a great option for getting your karaoke fix, and you can find them every day of the week. Here are some of the top karaoke nights in Seattle.


Some Mondays are tougher than others. Sing it out in the Roosevelt neighborhood at Atlantic Crossing. This English style pub offers an energetic and welcoming atmosphere on Monday nights.

Atlantic Crossing
6508 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
Starts at 9:30pm


If you're feeling uninspired, you can channel the energy from all of the artists who have performed at this Belltown music venue. Karaoke night at The Crocodile is hosted in the back bar.

The Crocodile
2200 2nd Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98121
Starts at 9pm


Get through hump day with karaoke at Kate's Pub in Wallingford. The divey atmosphere and supportive crowd is enough to make you want to come back every week.

Kate's Pub
309 NE 45th St
Seattle, WA 98105
Starts at 9:30pm


Head over to Ballard to jumpstart your weekend at the Waterwheel Lounge! Another dive bar favorite with a loyal following for their karaoke nights.

Waterwheel Lounge
7034 15th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA
Starts at 10pm


This Ballard spot plays host for some serious weekend karaoke action, fully equipped with a smoke machine and dramatic lighting for your performance needs.

1452 NW 70th St
Seattle, WA 98117
Starts at 9pm


A classic Seattle karaoke staple, The Rickshaw's divey atmosphere provides the backdrop for one of the funnest and most diverse karaoke nights around.

The Rickshaw
322 North 105th St
Seattle, WA 98133
Starts at 9pm


Keep the weekend party going with Sunday night karaoke! This festive Hawaiian restaurant & sushi bar has a happy hour that will keep your spirits up as you enter a new week.

2207 First Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
Starts at 10pm

Tips for First Timers:

Some of you might be thinking: "wait, will I be singing on some sort of makeshift stage where strangers will see me sing?" Yes! But luckily I have some tips for people who want to give it a shot for the first time:

  • It's always good to start with a warm up song that you know really well
  • Nervous? Bring one of your friends on stage to sing with you!
  • Tip your karaoke host
  • Most importantly: Stay lighthearted and enjoy the talent!