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1. Lisa Estridge as Tanya, Kendra Kassebaum as Donna and Sarah Rudinoff as Rosie in Mamma Mia - Photo Credit Mark Kitaoka.jpg
Lisa Estridge as Tanya, Kendra Kassebaum as Donna and Sarah Rudinoff as Rosie in Mamma Mia. (Photo Credit Mark Kitaoka)

Mamma Mia! Here we go the 5th Avenue Theater

Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre is putting its own unique spin on the smash-hit musical Mamma Mia!

The 5th is the first theater company in the Pacific Northwest to be granted the rights to create a refreshed version of the show.

What does that mean? The story and iconic ABBA music remain the same, but this production features new sets, new choreography and, of course, a whole lot of fun.

"There's a real, I call it a 'Radio City Music Hall' effect, with what the 5th is doing here," said Paolo Montalban, who stars in the production as Sam. "Not just the sound, but the lights, and the sets and the costumes. You're really getting your money's worth."

Montalban is no stranger to both the stage and the screen. He played Prince Charming in the TV musical Cinderella, alongside Brandy and Whitney Houston. More than 60-million people watched the performance back in 1997, and the impact of the show is still felt today.

"I'm having young adults come up to me and say that because they'd seen an Asian-American prince in it, because they'd seen an African-American actress play Cinderella," he said. "The whole idea of a multi-cultural production. It inspired them to pursue theatrical arts."

Montalban's character "Sam" was played by Pierce Brosnan in the movie version of Mamma Mia! Since he was cast, the 44-year-old actor has received a ton of positive feedback, especially from the Asian and theatrical community.

"This is a huge opportunity and this is a huge move (for) the 5th Avenue," he said. "It's a groundbreaking decision to do this kind of casting. And that's why I really believe what the 5th is doing with Mamma Mia! is a totally different production."

It's new, it's different and it's a big 'ol party. As Montalban put it, it's the kind of show that will leave the audience feeling good long after they leave the theater.

"I want them feeling like they got a 2-for-1 ticket to a rock concert and a really great night of theater. So, I want them to get all the feels, but I also want them singing songs out loud and rocking it out on the way home."