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6 ways to streamline your Sea-Tac airport experience

Take it from a frequent traveler-- a stitch in time saves nine. With Seattle's exponential growth, it seems Sea-Tac Airport is more hectic than ever. Here are six hacks to make your next flight stress free and... maybe even fun? Heck- you'll shave so much off your your typical travel time that you can check out the airport Sub Pop store, kick back and enjoy the live local music the airport hosts, or put a dent in the book your brought along for the plane- the possibilities are endless!

Pack Your Liquids In A Clear Bag

Glossier makes these adorable see through pink pouches, perfect for your liquids, makeup and more. Be sure to not put your liquids in a spot (like an outside pocket) where it will get squished, there's nothing more annoying than getting to your destination and having shampoo or toothpaste all over the place.

Wear Slip On Shoes

Ditch the lace up action, nothing is less fun than holding up the line while you tie and untie your sneakers. Sea-Tac is a pretty big airport, so spring for some comfy slip on shoes next time you travel... or better yet, do yourself a favor and sign up for TSA pre check. Which brings us to...

Definitely Spring For TSA Pre Check

For just $85, you can drastically expedite the process of going through security. With a magic known traveler ID, gone are the days of removing your shoes, light jackets, belts, liquids and laptops - who has time for that anyway? For $15 more, you can lock in the same thing for international travel. Trust us, if you travel a lot, this little expense will 100% pay itself off and save you some gray hairs.

Check-In Online

Most airlines are able to email or text you your boarding pass and itinerary. If your emails and texts are prone to getting drowned out by incoming messages (it's 2017, we feel you), we recommend screen snapping your boarding pass and starring it so you're good to go when you roll through TSA like a gosh dang pro. This little trick saves the environment by bypassing the paper trail and saves your mucho minutes. Sign up online here.

Upgrade Your Luggage

Don't worry about finding that spot to charge up your smartphone at the gate ever again. Away makes a suitcase that's a twofer - it's a suitcase and portable charging unit all in one. Away's suitcases come in a variety of stylish colors ranging from nondescript and sleek to eye catching and totally unmissable on the carousel at baggage claim. The Away carry on suitcase stows away perfectly in an overhead compartment and won't bust your back. For the heavy packers (we've definitely been guilty of this), $20 more will get you a slightly bigger shell to load everything up.

Flip the Script- Drop Off at Departures Instead of Arrivals

If you're dropping someone off and stuff is congested, try flipping the script and dropping off your party at arrivals instead of departures and vice versa. During peak hours, this little switcharoo can be a total godsend. You're welcome!