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Don't be a cookie cutter bride! (Image: ThinkStock)

5 ways to make your wedding unique

It's a thought that every bride has during the planning process: "How can I make my wedding stand out?" Whether you're eager to display you and your fiancé's personalities or want to show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance, personal touches can help distinguish your big day this wedding season. Here are a few ideas to express your individuality.
1. Set the mood.
Candles can turn any venue into an intimate gathering of friends and family. You can set the tone for the evening by choosing candle holders in your wedding colors, shades that match the feel of the space or time of year, or even classic selections of ivory and blush. Glassybaby has dozens of colorful holders to suit every bride's taste and they're available to rent.

2. Give your bridesmaids a gift they'll regularly use.
While jewelry is fun, why not add a little flair to your 'maids homes with Seattle-themed accessories? Mrs. Cooks has a variety of Seattle and Northwest centric items. From coasters that showcase some of the city's icons, to cookbooks from well-known bakeries like Macrena and The Dahlia Bakery, or UW and WSU shaped pasta, your ladies will appreciate the extra thought put into each of their gifts.

3. Pick a local centerpiece.
Capture the spirit of the Northwest with a little green at your reception tables. A moss pot filled with in-season flowers or a bouquet of succulents can look gorgeous without breaking the bank. Ravenna Gardens has a team of experts that can help you think outside the box when it comes to your centerpieces.

4. Add some pizazz with your footwear.
You may have seen the bride wear "something blue" on her feet before, but you don't have to settle for a plain old peep toe. Try some bright blue loafers or vintage style kitten heels. A hint of color peeking out from the hem of your dress can add a ton of personality to your wedding day ensemble. Sole Food has dozens of colors and styles to match every bride's taste.

5. Say thank you with a personal touch.
Once you've said your vows and the reception is over, it's time to write the thank you notes. Give your guests heartfelt thanks with personalized thank you cards. Whether you want to show off your new last name with a custom stamp or go all out and make each individual card by hand, your guests will appreciate the extra effort when they open their custom card. You can even create a stamp with your own design at Impress Cards and Crafts.

Every wedding is special, but adding your own personal touch to the details can help set your nuptials apart from the crowd this wedding season.

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