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It's sad. Really, really sad. How on earth are we supposed to spend our time if we're not watching, tweeting, messaging, or talking about the Seahawks? (Image: Thinkstock)

5 things to do with your time now that Hawks season is over

That empty feeling inside? That hole in your heart that keeps aching? Yeah, we're all feeling it big time since Wednesday's parade. As magnificent of a day as that was, it still marked the end of the Seahawks season. Here are some things to do with your time in case you, like us, forgot what life was life B.H. (Before Hawks).

1. Sochi Olympics. For your "incredible athlete" fix, watch the Sochi Olympics. Seattle has kind of forgotten about this huge world-wide event in lieu of our own personal athletic accomplishments, but it may be time to rejoin the living and root our nation on. Goodness knows we're good at rooting. And to top it all off, we have a Federal Way local competing in speed skating - J.R. Celski!

2. Ice cream and wine. When your favorite TV show takes it's summer break, or when your relationship ends (same emotions apply - right?), a mourning period is in order. Allow yourself that time to really heal now that the Seahawks season is over. Whatever you're feeling is natural, and know that the rest of the city is going through the same. Don't be ashamed of tears, especially on your now-so-empty Sundays. And just remember that ice cream (our fav is Snoqualmie Ice Cream) and wine (the red from Eight Bells in Woodinville is killer) never have off-seasons.

3. Plan a vacation. We all need something to look forward to, and believe it or not - summer is not so far away. And spring is right around the corner! Whether it's a staycation or a no-holds-barred jaunt to somewhere exotic like Guam or Barbados; book the ticket, charge the room, make the plans.

4. Stay active. I know it doesn't sound fun, but do you think Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman are curled up in their beds crying for the next seven months? No. They're training. Hard. As their fans, you owe them the same. If you're going to dedicate five months a year to watching them while on the couch eating nachos, wings, and drinking beer - you've got to put in the time to get your body physically ready for that commitment.

5. Wait. Worst comes to worst, wait. Watch a pot boil, count some sheep, refer to and repeat #2. A lot. Sooner or later it will be September and the season opener will be upon us. Then we get to do this whole fun song and dance again! Woo!