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Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

5 things we learned from Kevin McKidd of 'Grey's Anatomy'

Earlier this summer, almost the entire cast of ABC's show Grey's Anatomy arrived in Seattle to shoot scenes for their upcoming 14th season the hit show. Yeah, you heard us right - fourteen seasons!

Since we're a fellow ABC station, we had the privilege and honor of interviewing Chandra Wilson, Jesse Williams, Justin Chambers, Jason George and Kevin McKidd during their stay.

1. He'd never been to Seattle.

"I've been on the show now for 9 years but never been to the city where the show is set," laughed McKidd. "I love being on location, I’ve always enjoyed doing location work. We’re stuck in the city [LA] so many months of the year it’s nice to be here."

2. He's directing the mid-season finale of this season.

'I’m feeling like I’ve really found my feet as a director, it’s been a great training ground for me," he said. "I love it almost as much as acting, but acting is always going to be a first love." In fact, Jesse Williams is currently shadowing him to learn to direct.

3. SPOILER ALERT. He wasn't shocked with the plot twist about character Owen's sister.

"Honestly I wasn’t surprised because the dynamic between Owen and his sister was so fun to play," said McKidd. "That’s the fun thing about Grey's Anatomy, there’s always going to be a twist in the tale, there’s always going to be a shock, there’s always something that deepens the characters and makes them richer and more complicated. I think this bombshell in the middle of Owen's life is going to make him reassess a lot of things globally in his life including his marriage and I think that will be very interesting."

4. Despite his character's big life change, Season 14 has an upbeat theme

"The new season feels like, this very positive, upbeat, uplifting theme," he said. "Owen's been weighed down for years by the loss of his sister so he finally gets to release that. It’s going to be a very complicated time. There’s room for a little more fun too - it doesn’t have to be life and death all the time."

5. He keeps coming back because of the writers

"It’s really the writing, the writers, and Shonda especially," he said. "[They] have this sixth sense on how to develop the characters and keep them from being stagnant as a character. For me now at this point it's really my family."

Grey's Anatomy premieres September 28, 2017 on KOMO 4 at 8 p.m. PST.