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The Edgewater Hotel is more than just the places where the Beatles stayed. (Image: Edgewater)

4 things about the Edgewater that have nothing to do with the Beatles

As a child, my Dad played the Beatles nonstop. By age 12, I knew the words to practically every song (parts of 'Eleanor Rigby' still get me sometimes), and when I studied abroad in London I went to Liverpool - count it - three times.

Needless to say, I'm a fan. So every time I drive by the big 'E' on the waterfront of downtown Seattle, I think "HEY! That's where the Fab Four stayed when they were here in 1964."

But that's not very fair to the Edgewater Hotel now, is it? As one of the city's top hotels, they should be known in their own right - though I have to admit, the Beatles fun fact is definitely a draw for fans. And in my mind, the fact that that's where, at the time, the world's hottest group chose to stay there says volumes about the hotel.

But it's 2017 now, and much has changed in the 53 years since George, Ringo, Paul and John were here. I've had the idea of this post percolating for a while now...and here it is! Four reasons I think you should know about The Edgewater Hotel (that have nothing to do with the Beatles).

The Edgewater was built for the World's Fair.
While most people think of the Space Needle at the biggie that was built for the 1962 World's Fair held in Seattle, many other expansions to the city were built to accommodate travelers as well. The Edgewater Hotel was one of them (this made the hotel brand spankin' new for when the Beatles stayed there in '64). Additionally, the hotel used to house a beauty parlor and our Olympic Ballroom used to be a private club called the Crown Room.

The Edgewater is incredibly accommodating.
It's a hotel by the people, for the people! Everyone you meet who works there asks to how you are, if you need anything; encourages you to try new things and experience the hotel's services to the fullest! The waitress who served us when I visited their award-winning restaurant Six-Seven, toured me around the menu like a pro (thanks to her, I experience the Half Chicken and Key Lime Pie - easily the best I've ever tasted). And this hasn't changed in the last five decades - at the time the Beatles were touring in the 60s, the Edgewater was the only hotel in the city who welcomes them! No one else would accept them as guests. They even went so far as to install cyclone fencing around the hotel to keep the screaming fans at bay (though some even attempted swimming across Elliott Bay).

Over-Water vs. On The Water
Here in Seattle, we're lucky to have so many properties that are advertised as "waterfront". But the Edgewater isn't just on the water - it's literally OVER the water. Originally, the hotel had a tackle shop in the lobby where guests could purchase bait and rent poles to literally fish out of their windows (Beatles fans will remember the pic of them doing this on their visit). And it's more than possible - check out the gallery to see exactly how "on the water" you are in some of these rooms!

Quintessentially Northwest
There's no denying it - the minute you walk into the lobby of the Edgewater you are overwhelmed with the sense of being in the Pacific Northwest. If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about - if you haven't, let me try to paint a picture. The lobby and Six Seven have been designed to imitate a living forest - trees sprout from the group, lights above seem to be peeking through leaves, and the fireplaces all over give a camping feel. And it doesn't stop there - I may even go so far as to say that the Edgewater defined 'glamping' before it was a thing. Check out the pictures in the gallery of one of the suites: the woodsy camping vibe continues! The bed frames are literally wood, and they even have a little 'wildlife' there to keep you company (ok ok, it's just a stuffed teddy bear).

Ok, so I did talk a little bit about the Beatles - but to be fair I told you from the get-go that I'm obsessed. Forgive me over a Six Seven Old Fashioned (their most popular drink)?