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Food, Flowers & Feng Shui: 4 Fantastic Local Books Coming Out This Fall

You hear us talking about books a TON, with Refined Reads. But we realize we're kind of ignoring another VERY important sect of books: the non-chapter book! You know; the cookbook, the art book, the coffee table book :)

So here is our plea of forgiveness: several of these wonderful books that are not only coming out in the next month, but are from LOCAL authors. In fact, you just may have heard of several of them...

Pie & Whiskey
On sale on October 24th
"This book brings writers together with food and booze and lets the words flow as freely as the drink (and happens to have a beautiful cover to boot) Pie & Whiskey, the book, began as Pie & Whiskey, the event, which was the brain child of Kate Lebo and Sam Ligon and manifested as a series of adults-only readings accompanied by homemade slices of pie and shots of whiskey. The book is a literary anthology of the best works from those original readings, along with new work written exclusively for this collection. They’re accompanied by a smattering of pie recipes and humorous whiskey-centric cocktails. Past Pie & Whiskey events in Spokane and Missoula have featured regional writers (including folks like Jess Walter, Steve Almond, Robert Wrigley, Elissa Washuta, Paisley Rekdal, and Robert Lopez) reading 5-minute pie-and-whiskey-inspired pieces to standing-room-only crowds of 200-300 people, all of whom were served a slice of pie (always baked by Kate) and a shot of whiskey upon arrival. The events are designed to be informal, fun, and accessible, with minimal cover charge, a welcoming yet adults-only atmosphere, and donated pie and whiskey".

The Art of Flora Forager
By Bridget Beth Collins
On sale now

"Flower fans and nature enthusiasts will fall in love with this charming art book from Instagram sensation @Flora.Forager, featuring the best of her unique floral compositions created with botanical materials. Flora Forager creates images out of flower petals, leaves, stones, twigs, and other natural materials that she finds in her garden and in urban wild areas in her neighborhood. This intimate, lovely book collects her best pieces, including new, exclusive art, along with a peek into her unique creative process. Featured pieces include scenes, mandalas, animals, birds, fish, insects, mythical creatures, iconic women, old masters, and more. Each artwork is accompanied by explanatory text on a facing page including piece name, materials used, and a short, evocative description of the artist's process and inspiration."

My Rice Bowl
By Rachel Yang and Jess Thompson
On sale now

Rachel Yang is the co-owner of popular Seattle restaurants, Joule, Trove, and Revel, and is now a book author! This cookbook is all about Korean fusion. You will find their popular kimchi recipe but much more like seaweed noodles with crab and crème fraîche, tahini-garlic grilled pork belly, fried cauliflower with miso bagna cauda, chipotle-spiked pad thai, Korean taco pickles, and the ultimate Korean fried chicken (served with peanut brittle shards for extra crunch). Basically if you are trying to elevate your cooking in the kitchen - get your hands on a copy of this bad boy.

Make Yourself at Home
By Moorea Seal
On sale now

Our girl, Moorea Seal, is back in action with ANOTHER book. We don't know how she does it all - own an online AND brick and mortar store, design jewelry, and, you know, write three books in all the spare time she has. Alas, Make Yourself at Home is all about beautifying your life inside and out and turning your home into a comfortable space that reflects your best self. Chapters are organized by each room and she talks about how each room represents something in our lives. It's all about being at home in our spaces and "at home in ourselves." Ugh - isn't she the best?! Other things included in the book are a deeply personal essay from Moorea Seal, and exclusive look into her personal space, a beginner-friendly DIY project to personalize and decorate your home on a budget, and looks into the homes of a diverse set of creative women.

I smell holiday gifts....