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3 spooktacularly easy Halloween DIY projects you’ll be dying to try

The scariest time of the year is upon us, and we have some fun ideas from DIY guy Gary Foy that will make your Halloween décor truly terrifying. These ideas use items easy to find at Goodwill so you can scare visitors on a budget, and shopping in second-hand stores is also the eco-friendly way to frighten. Ready to get creepily crafty? Here are Gary’s most ghoulish ideas.

Haunted Mirror

  1. Buy an old mirror at Goodwill.
  2. Take a picture of yourself making a scary face. You can edit it in Photoshop or a similar program to enhance the fear factor. You can also find an image of a monster or ghost online – just stick to public domain images. Print the picture so that it fits within the dimensions of the mirror.
  3. Remove the back panel from the mirror so you can access the back of the actual reflective surface.
  4. Cut out the face part of your image and position it on the back of the mirror, face-down, then trace around its perimeter.
  5. Remove the image and scrape around the inside of the outline to remove the reflective coating. Don’t be too thorough – streaks and other reflective remnants help create the ghostly look.
  6. Use masking tape to adhere the picture to the back of the mirror where you had it before, face-down.
  7. Turn the mirror around and prepare to be petrified!

Mysterious Mask

Goodwill has mask blanks that work perfectly as a foundation for your craziest conceptions. Use paint, sequins, feathers, gems, goggles, glasses, markers, string and other materials to transform a mask blank into a totally unique costume. Need a few ideas to get started? How about a zombie princess, an extra-terrestrial, a gory corpse or a scary skeleton?

Creepy Candy Holder

If you have a couple of those old pumpkin-shaped candy buckets lying around, you have almost everything you need to make an elegant candy holder. Go to Goodwill and pick up a candlestick or two, then spray paint your new candle sticks and your plastic pumpkin buckets black.

Attach candy buckets to the tops of candlesticks with a glue gun then fill with candy and you have an elegant candy holder. Set it out for trick-or-treaters, or use it to display and proffer sweets at your Halloween party.

Goodwill is a great place to find inexpensive pieces for Halloween decorations, and you can even find materials and accessories for creative Halloween costumes. Head to your nearest Goodwill to get your raw materials then enjoy a creepy and crafty Halloween!