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(Image: Gretchen Bossio / Seattle Refined).

14 Rainy Day Activities That Make the Wet Weather Not So Bad

I have a complicated relationship with the weather.

When it’s warm, I wish for rain. I miss the pitter patter and the clean, fresh scent that fills the air when it’s heavy with rain clouds. But then, when my wishing comes true and it rains for days upon days, I flip flop. When it’s wet and dreary, I can’t help but think how fantastic summer days are. Quite the conundrum, and, a hard one to remedy in rainy Washington.

But, since the season of rainy days is here I’m committed to making the very best of it. Bring on the rain, I say!

During these rain-blessed days I’m choosing to enjoy every last drop! Plus, these activities make the wet weather not so bad after all, especially if it’s your job to keep your kids cabin fever at bay!

Say yes to ice cream

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you have to forgo an ice cream treat. Even better, turn a dessert run into a science lesson at Cloud Nine Creamery where they serve liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Find a Little Free Library

Enjoy a rainy drive and hop from little library to little library.

Don’t forget the zoo

Animals love the cooler days! We always have the best sightings when it rains so bundle up and visit Woodland, Point Defiance, or Northwest Trek stat!

Eat donuts

Because nothing is better than snacking on a sweet treat alongside a warm beverage like cocoa. Don’t forget extra marshmallows!

Visit the library

Try out a story time or just pop in to browse. If you plan ahead a little you can put some of these PNW-inspired books on hold.

Go treasure hunting

That’s what we like to call a stop at Value Village or Goodwill! Last week we bought a mini muffin tin for a baking project and we ALWAYS find a good book or two.

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Go outside

Don’t let the rain stop you from being outdoors! Make it happen with the proper gear, especially for little ones. We love our REI brand rain coats and Costco sells great wool socks for layering with rain boots. PNW mom, Erika, said, “I welcome [my kids] back inside with hot cocoa or bubble baths!” I mean, who wouldn’t like that?

Check out an indoor playground

Grab socks (almost always required) and head out to play at PlayDate SEA (an ocean-themed play space), WiggleWorks, or one of these 60 options in the greater Seattle area.

Opt for free time

Kids can turn indoor boredom into endless creativity when given the opportunity. Fill the table with a variety of art supplies - you’ll find lots of things that will inspire in the recycling bin - and let those little ones glue and glitter to their heart’s content. Or, like Bianca, a mom of two crafty girls, encourage your kids to practice their water coloring in a unique way, “I give them regular, white envelopes to decorate and I save them for whenever I [need an envelope]. I'm sure the pop of color bring a smile to anyone who handles the envelope as it's on its way to the destination.”

Press play on an audiobook

LEGOS are always a popular manipulative for quiet, indoor play, but consider amping up that building time with an audiobook in the background. Recently, we have enjoyed Audible’s The Cat Who Wanted To Go Home and the Princess in Black series.

Take a culinary class

FrogLegs Culinary Academy has locations in the U-Village and Kirkland and many of the kid-focused classes look beyond fun!

Become a perler bead king or queen

Work those fine motor skills with one, two, or ten perler bead projects. If you want to get really fancy, search Pinterest for specific patterns like Star Wars characters or Disney princesses. Leave one bead out near the top and perler bead creations can easily become custom Christmas tree ornaments!

Make a movie extra special

Pull out the biggest sheets you own, build an indoor fort, and introduce your children to a classic film. Pollyanna was our latest hit from the “oldies” category (what my kid’s call movies I watched when I was their age) and Newsies sparked quite the history discussion.