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#1. Alki Beach. Located at the westernmost point of West Seattle, Alki Beach is a favorite for romantic picnices. The sand, saltwater, bungalows and people watching provide an afternoon of entertainment. The stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and downtown Seattle are second to none. (Image: Filmborn by Mastin Labs)

10 Perfect Places to Picnic in Seattle

Summer days are beginning to fade away. You can feel the crispness in the air in the early morning but summer heat is gladly welcomed by early afternoon. This is perfect picnic weather! When the evenings have a gentle breeze but rain is still a distant memory. Seattle Refined has packed up our favorite picnic items and rounded up our favorite picnic spots. You don’t need much for a picnic, just a blanket and some great food. Head to the nearby deli and load up on salads, olives and bakery treats or take some time at home to throw together a pasta salad, some sandwiches and cookies. Either way, you’ll be in for a treat!

Carkeek Park

Carkeek Park has everything for almost everyone from acres of woodland to a beach and a large field for picnics near the play area. Located in north Seattle, the park is perfect for family picnics, intimate dates and larger gatherings. Spend some time searching for sea life on the beach or exploring one of the many trails.

Matthews Beach Park

On the north end of Lake Washington, just off the Burke-Gilman Trail is Matthews Beach Park. This park is perfect for picnics and has plenty of picnic tables along with a great play area and a nice sandy beach next to the water. Bring swimsuits and splash around while the weather is still warm.

Gas Works Park

A perennial favorite picnic location is Gas Works Park at the north end of Lake Union. Throw a blanket down on the side of Kite Hill while watching boaters and seaplanes on the water. Check out the great view of downtown Seattle while munching on some picnic treats! This is also the ideal location for huge groups as the large picnic areas are reservable and the 19.1 acres of park space make it easy to spread out.

Alki Beach

Looking for a romantic beach picnic location? Go no further than Alki. Stroll along the path which runs from Alki Point to Duwamish Head to find the idea location for a beach picnic. The sand is even and smooth on this beach with plenty of views for a romantic picnic.

Madison Beach

Madison Beach can’t be beat for a splashy picnic location. The sand stretches forever but the grassy strip above provides the idea location for a picnic blanket party. Bring your sand buckets and shovels along with your traditional picnic gear for a fun family evening. Snag dinner from one of the nearby restaurants for a super easy meal.

Golden Gardens

Bonfires at Golden Gardens might make this the best summer picnic location. The reservable fire grates and picnic shelters mean you can gather a few friends or a few hundred for a great time. The sandy beach and nearby playground make this a picnic destination for everyone.

Discovery Park

Most people think of Discovery Park as a great hiking location but it is also a wonderful picnic place. Park in the south lot for a short walk to open fields. Lie down your picnic blanket and watch the sunset while nibbling on great food. On the north end is also a great location and if you are up for a short hike, check out the nearby ponds for a shady but lovely place to relax.

Seward Park

Seward Park has everything for the picnicker from a swimming area to lovely grassy areas for blankets. Hike in a bit for a more secluded picnic area or walk to the nearby play area to find picnic tables.

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Head north to Shoreline for Richmond Beach Saltwater Park. Just across the pedestrian bridge are sand dunes, saltwater and some pretty great picnic spots. Watch kiteboarders or head to the castle-themed playground for kid entertainment. There are even picnic shelters for larger groups.


Greenlake is best known for the paved path used by walkers, runners and bike cyclists but the surrounding grassy areas make for idea picnic locations. Head over to the wading pool for a cooling dip or set up your picnic near one of the swimming beaches. The two nearby grocery stores mean you’ll have plenty of choices for deli picnic food. Greenlake also offers a few picnic tables if that is more your thing.