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(Image: Gretchen Bossio)

10 back-to-school supplies everyone should buy while they're on sale

Long before we celebrated the 4th of July, back-to-school was in the air! Have you seen the displays? Been tempted by the smell of new pencils?

It seems that this season starts earlier and earlier each year, but until August arrives, I never really give it much thought - I’m too busy enjoying the summer that finally made its way to the Pacific Northwest!

But now the school supply lists are out and sales are in full swing. Now, it’s time to shop! Don’t be fooled though, back-to-school sales aren’t just for kids and parents. This time of year is the perfect season to update home office supplies and craft corners. Why buy later when you can snag essentials at rock bottom prices?

Below you’ll find a handful of back to school supplies everyone should pick up ASAP!


I’m totally a marker snob, because, let’s face it, Sharpies take the cake! Freshen up your stash of blacks and if you want, get a whole color assortment you know you’ll use them!


I guess I’ll claim pen snob too. These are my favorite and throughout the year they always disappear (I guess other people like them too!), so, when back to school rolls around, I grab a new pack so I can once again enjoy that fine tip awesomeness.

File Folders

Remember good ol’ Lisa Frank? She’s alive and well! File folders are a great way to organize bills and transport paperwork. Why have plain manila ones when you can show a little personality?

Notebooks and Journals

Don’t let technology rule your life. Grab a new notebook and put it to use with handwritten notes, gratitude lists, and more.

Pencil Cases

I use these for so much - they’re just the perfect size! In my purse and as a place to store chargers, snacks, and accessories when I’m packing for a trip you name it, a pencil case can hold it.

Label Maker

You won’t find this on a back to school list probably (unless a super organized teacher requested one!), but I recently saw one on sale, scooped it up, and now everything in my life has a label. And I’m so happy about it.

Lunch Time Essentials

My darling husband is a frugal soul and I pack his lunch almost every day. This time of year is perfect for getting new lunch containers, lunch boxes, ice packs, and even cute little pre-written notes like these!

Paper Consumables

You know what goes on sale right now? Paper towels, paper plates, wipes, and other easy clean up options. Stock up while you can!

Watercolor Supplies

Craft time isn’t just for kids! Usually, in the evenings, I’m an avid reader, but sometimes I like to stretch my creativity and paint as a way to wind down. I don’t freehand much, rather, I follow tutorials I find online like the ones from Let’s Make Art. Pick up some watercolors of your own, take a break from evening TV, and let your artistic flair fly!

Scissors, Glue, Rulers, and More

Whenever I need one of these essentials it seems I can never find it. Do they have legs? I plan to pick up some spares and keep them in a designated office/craft supply tote so I’ll never be without when a project calls.

What’s on your back to school shopping list? I’d love to hear!