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Amazon's Prime Now is the procrastinators (although I prefer to call it busy person's) dream, especially around the Holiday season. Everybody has that one friend or family member you low key forgot to get a gift for, or any last minute party items that you cannot par-tay without (Source: Amazon Prime Now)

What do Seattleites need the most this holiday season?

Materialistically - we mean. Obviously, we need peace, love and joy above everything else.

But for this article we're speaking specifically about Amazon's Prime Now service, and what locals are buying the most this time of year. The results are kind of...hilarious!

Here are the most in-demand products that “changed dramatically in December thanks to impatient holiday shoppers.”

  • Ethernet, HDMI, and USB cables
  • Pie Face Game, Connect4, Star Wars Trilogy Episodes IV-VI DVD
  • Holiday gift wrapping, tissue paper, and gift tags

So just when you think all hope is gone (or you just really want to level up in the Pie Face Game) - remember there is Prime Now.