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Can you guess Seattle's average holiday budget?

I've said it once and I'll say it again - this year my dad is getting a satsuma, my mom is getting a kiwi and my brother is MOST DEF getting a lump of coal, that little bugger.

With holiday spending in 2019 expected to increase by around 4% over 2018, the personal-finance website WalletHub released its 2019 Holiday Budgets by City report and Seattle's average holiday budget for 2019 is $1,456.

The website used several key metrics, such as income, age and savings-to-monthly expenses ratio, to estimate the maximum spending amounts for consumers in each of 570 U.S. cities.

Here's the average consumer profile of Seattle:

  • Monthly Income: $7,790
  • Monthly Expenses: $5,702
  • Savings: $6,886
  • Age: 35.2
  • Debt-to-Income: 31.9%
  • Monthly Income-to-Monthly Expenses Ratio: 1.37
  • Savings-to-Monthly Expenses Ratio: 1.21
  • Seattle’s Average Holiday Budget for 2019: $1,456

To learn more, check out Wallethub's website!