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Seattle Goodwill's DIY Guy Gary Foy shares his budget friendly tips for creating a romantic tablescape, Galentine's Day party, conversation heart vase, glitter bottle and more! (Joshua Lewis/Seattle Goodwill) <p></p>

Set your heart a flutter with Valentine's Day finds from Goodwill

Looking for the perfect way to celebate your love this Valentine's Day? Seattle Goodwill has everything you need to make February 14th THE BEST for your budget-loving bae!

DIY Guy and "Crafty Cupid" Gary Foy shared some ideas sure to delight your darling. He says it's all about setting the stage for romance. His first tip-- use what you have and add some festive items from Goodwill.

"Your everyday stuff -- it's all about sprucing it up and adding a little bit of love. You know adding chocolates, grabbing yourself these little lanterns, putting these little cute candles around," explains Foy.

And how's this for a thoughtful idea? It all starts with a picture frame!

"This is a adult version of a homemade Valentine's Day card," laughs Foy. "Super easy we carry all these frames on our sales floor." To create this project, he spray painted the frame red, and matted it with some cut it up with some old tee shirts. Next he printed some words on his computer to put inside the frame and included a key, " Of course cause you hold the key to my heart and then you're done."

Here's an idea that would really light up someone's Valentine's Day-- mason jar heart votives. And get this... you can find the jars at Goodwill for just twenty cents!

"Super easy to do. Throw down some painter's tape, cut out a little heart, and then you just pop it on there. Then hit the jar with some spray paint, paint some Mod Podge and add glitter," states Foy.

If dinner's on the menu, Foy has the deets on creating a beautiful tablescape on a budget that won't break the bank.

He designed a romantic setting for two, complete with dishes, silverware, a faux flower arrangement, tablecloth and more-- all for under thirty bucks!

No Valentine this year? No problem-- grab your friends and throw a Galentine's Day soiree!

"We really focused on Galentine's Day it's about making it special and fun and having a good time with your friends. All this stuff was on the sales floor." Foy created three colorful themed tables. One featured chocolate, the next was a manicure station and the third was full of fruit and treats.

Whether you're celebrating Galentine's or Valentine's-- it's easy to DIY great gift ideas like a conversation heart candy vase.

Conversation Heart Candy Vase

Supplies: One large glass vase and a smaller vase that fits inside with room to spare (found at Goodwill). You'll also need packing tape, ribbon, scissors and real or faux flowers.

  • Place the smaller vase inside the larger vase and cover the smaller vase with tape (to prevent candy from falling in).
  • Add conversation hearts between the vases
  • Remove the tape and add flowers
  • Tie a ribbon around the larger vase

And here's a fun way to add some sparkle to your honey's holiday-- a glittered bottle!

Glittered Bottle

Supplies: A glass bottle (wine or apple cider), Mod Podge, glitter, a cardboard shirt box and hairspray.

  • Paint a section of the bottle with Mod Podge
  • Hold a bottle over a cardboard box and glitter
  • Paint another section and pour glitter from box on that section
  • Continue until done
  • After it dries, set the glitter with hairspray
  • Pop the top with your Valentine and celebrate!