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Sipsmith London Dry Gin. One of my favorite gins at the moment, would be a welcomed gift to anyone on your list with a penchant for Martinis, Negronis, GinTonics, or anything this delightful and balanced spirit is home in. (Image: Sipsmith)<p></p>

Holidays gifts for the guy in your life

It’s the holiday season! With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock, oh my gosh, what else should you gift besides a sock? We’re here to help. Here is my gift guide for what I would want this holiday season. Think of this as the gift guide to give the guys in your life, be it dad, brother, significant other, whatever. I’d be happy to receive any of these gifts underneath the tree or stuffing a stocking. But if you do go the sock route, you have a ton of cool options.

When thinking gifts for the holiday season for the dudes in your world, think timeless, classic, and smart. All of these should fit the bill, at times with a subtle twist that could be a unique gift that is considered differently, yet welcomed and cherished. Below are a few categories to consider with gifts for guys.


For a gift for the modern man to wield and play in the kitchen, check out the Joule by ChefSteps. This Seattle-based food lab introduced Joule, their immersion circulator, as their device to bring sous vide to home cooks. Imagine creating restaurant quality meals with Joule. And now you can do so. Check out the ChefSteps website as a resource for what to do to take your cooking to the next level and how to wield Joule.

For the meat eater in your life, check out Crowd Cow. This Seattle-based company features ranchers and their beef; buy a share of their beef available and through crowdsourcing (or as they call it 'cow-sourcing'), the parts of the cow are distributed to you as the customer. What’s great is that the supply chain shrinks down a few levels and you get high quality beef in cuts you want. Someone please gift me some ribeye caps.

If your guy is a meat eater and a football fan, head out to The Metropolitan Grill for their gift card holiday event with Russell Wilson to support his Why Not You Foundation. 3 percent of the Met's gift card sales will go directly to Wilson's Why Not You Foundation and to sweeten the deal, Wilson has autographed three $500 gift cards and three footballs which will be given to lucky winners chosen at random throughout the month. And, you can order the gift cards online too.

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For a host present, a bottle of wine is always a nice touch. Head to Woodinville Wine Country and visit any of the wineries to grab a bottle. I’d suggest the 2014 Ursa from Baer Winery, the 2014 Descendant by Warr-King, or Kevin White Wine’s 2015 La Fraternite. While you’re in Woodinville and want to gift a bottle of spirits, visit Woodinville Whiskey Co. for their whiskeys. Bold, powerful, and refined, they hit the notes one would like for Bourbon and Rye. Be sure to keep an eye out for their special release bottles; in the past, they’ve offered Port-finished Bourbon and Toasted Applewood Finished Bourbon.

If you want to go the gin route, one of my current favorites is Sipsmith. Based out of London, this gin is a classic London dry gin, meaning it’s smooth and balanced with the flavor notes of juniper with body as expected of this spirit.

Another local distillery you should checkout is Copperworks Distilling. With whiskey, gin, barrel-aged gin, and vodka, you’re sure to find a bottle to gift this holiday (or gift one to yourself). And if you do visit the distillery on Seattle’s waterfront, spend some time taking in the space with a tour.

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It’s fair to say that menswear is having a moment. Better fabrics, better fit, and better styles are prevalent in stores and on shelves. Sure there are dudes out there that are wearing XLs when they are really Mediums, and more power to them, but fit is key and a few places around town will have the goods for the guy in your life to be and look their best self.

I’m a fan of Pioneer Square’s Division Road. Classic pieces made thoughtfully and impeccably. They carry an array of fundamentals that are anything but basic. Shoes, coats, pants, and sweaters are all in play and would all be welcomed as gifts.

A bit south on First Avenue is the Filson flagship store; point in any direction and you’ll find something gift-worthy. You could splurge and get their classic Mackinaw Cruiser or go a smaller scale for one of their knit caps. With the legacy and history of Filson, rest assured that their gear lasts and their design will be timeless.

Head back north to the retail core and visit Nordstrom and their Men’s Shop on the metro level. Nordstrom recently announced their gift guide for Holiday 2017 and there are some gems in there. But the beauty of a visit to Nordstrom is to take in the experience of the season, the renowned service, and perhaps grab a drink at the Nordstrom Grill (it is one of my under-the-radar restaurants after all). You’ll be in good hands and will be sure to find something gift-worthy. And get yourself something nice while you’re at it.

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Enjoy the holiday season! Don’t forget to slow down to take it all in, and be sure to take care of yourself too. And again, I'd be happy to see any of these underneath the tree or in my stocking. I'm sure someone close to you would as well. Cheers to you and yours.