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Candy Cane Lane is no Griswold house, but it sure is pretty! (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined).

Here's how much the Griswold's lights would cost in WA

If you’ve ever seen "National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation", you’ve probably at one point or another wondered how in the world the Griswold’s were able to afford powering up their 25,000 holiday light display.

Yeah, these are the questions that keep us up at night.

Estately decided to take it a step further and find out how much dough it would take each state to power a 25,000 LED lights display and a 25,000 incandescent lights display.

So how did Washington state stack up?!

For 25,000 holiday LED lights it would take $30 a month to power. For incandescent lights, you'd be looking at a whopping $2,615 a month. Interestingly enough, that makes Washington one out of the two cheapest states to power 25,000 bulbs. Louisiana is the cheapest at $30 for LED and $2,582 for incandescent.

If you haven't already, I guess it’s time to hang those Christmas lights! Maybe not 25,000, but hey – if that's something you are interested in, at least you know that it’ll be cheaper than anywhere else!

Find more information on Estately's blog and the list of pricing in each state.