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Can you guess Seattle's average holiday budget?

Before I tell you what the average gift budget is for this holiday season, I have to tell you the first word that popped into my head... "HA!"

According to a report by Wallethub, the average holiday spending budget in Seattle is $1,334.

Wallethub used metrics such as income, age and saving-to-monthly expenses ratios, to estimate the maximum spending amounts for consumers.

Here are the numbers for the average consumer in Seattle:

  • Monthly Income: $7,235
  • Monthly Expenses: $5,397
  • Savings: $6,674
  • Age: 35.6
  • Debt-to-Income: 34%
  • Monthly Income-to-Monthly Expenses Ratio: 1.34
  • Savings-to-Monthly Expenses Ratio: 1.24

Safe to say my family will be getting lumps of coal this year. Just kidding - kind of. For the full report visit Wallethub's website online.