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5 Holiday 'Essentials' from Archie McPhee

The clock is ticking for holiday gift giving season so, we stopped by Archie McPhee's Wallingford Store to chat with Roger, "The Duke of Doodads," about this season's last minute, must-have Archie McPhee products.

1. Santa Pigeon Tree Topper

Most birds like trees and most trees like birds. Put these birds on your tree. Confused? It's quite simple: one bird is riding the other bird, while dressed as Santa. Look at the picture - its fantastic!

2. Yodeling Pickle Ornament

This plastic pickle really yodels! It's motion-activated for easy, touch-free and sometimes unexpected entertainment.

3. Wind-Up Peppy Pigeon

A no mess, no fuss, low cost pigeon alternative that gleefully hops about just like the real thing! Made of plastic for easy cleaning. Purchase in bulk for an immersive pigeon experience.

4. Sunny the Blobfish

Who knew a sad-looking deep sea creature could be so fun! This synthetic fish is sticky, smooth and splat-able!

5. "Delicious" Candy Canes

If you're tired of plain-old peppermint holiday treats, Archie McPhee may stock your new favorite candy cane. Available in Pickle, Pizza, Clam, Kale, and other memorable flavors.

Want more? Watch the story above for more of Roger's favorite "Holiday Essentials" from Archie McPhee's.