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Mike McCarey at Mike's Amazing Cakes. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

Three local bakeries that really take the cake

It turns out, Seattle is home to some pretty spectacular wedding cake designers. We stopped by three very different cake studios to find out what they're working on. First up? Mike's Amazing Cakes in Redmond, right next door to Microsoft where some of the geekier trends are big.

"We do a lot of normal wedding cakes, but we also have this other component," said McCarey. Like - zombie cakes.

"One of the biggest trends - and we've had it for several years now - is giving the groom something to be excited about or something they're mutually into," said McCarey. "So we'll do a groom's cake."

He showed us the one he's working on right now, that is the cake version of her future husband's car. He's very much in love with his car (hopefully equally in love with his bride-to-be)!

"It's gotta taste good!" he said. "After all it's a dessert. It's your grand finale of your wedding."

Down in Tacoma, we found a cake studio with a more traditional kind of vibe but still with a flair for the spectacular. It's Celebrity Cake Studios.

"We've been in business since 1999," said CEO Odette D'Aniello. "And it's a family-owned business. My sister and I run it with my cousin, who is our baker. And we've all just grown up together and been in the bakery business.

One of their more popular and unusual cakes is the 'Split Cake'.

"So it's a bride's cake in the front and a groom's cake in the back," said Mary Ann Quitugua. They're also seeing a lot of cake requests come in right now for naked cakes.

"[That's when] cakes have no icing," said D'Aniello. "And then you know what a semi-naked cake is? When cakes have very thin icing."

Finally, in West Seattle we stopped by Baked Custom Cakes which felt kind of like an art studio. Owner Kristina Serfass got her start baking in a pretty unlikely place.

"[I] went to culinary school," said Serfass. "And then kind of took a turn and joined the Coast Guard and was baking there. Went down to Antarctica baked down there for six months at a science station."

Woodland features, sugar succulents and a lot of greenery is what Bakes Custom Cakes are seeing right now.

"We do the tree stumps a lot. Those kind of rustic style are probably my favorite," she said. "We also just started offering these cake bites. They're little one by one bites that are on a stick. So it's kind of a fun way for people to have a cake bar and try different flavors."