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Sweet Lo's Ice Cream! (Image: Sweet Lo's Ice Cream)

The Best Cool Treat on a Hot Day is...

Welcome to our first iteration of the #SoNorthwest Awards! Even though we are literally in the business of everything PNW-related, it doesn’t mean we can come close to knowing all our beautiful region has to offer. In fact, so many of our stories focus on things we’ve learned from YOU, our viewers and readers! You are our muse, you have your finger on the pulse of this city – and we just listen. So, we asked for your help in nominating your favorite summer *fill in the blank* in five different categories. And boy, did you deliver! We got tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram, emails, and even a phone call! And while there were dozens of nominees, there could only be one winner.

It was clear that this next winner was the best choice for Best Cool Treat on a Hot Day! Nominations came pouring in within hours of us posting the original article. Without further adieu, the Best Cool Treat on a Hot Day is...

Sweet Lo's Ice Cream!

Lauren Wilson started Sweet Lo's four years ago, and her business has just been getting bigger and bigger every year. Sweet Lo's is hand-crafted, home-made and is sold in select stores all over the Seattle area. You can also send Lauren an email for something you are craving and she might just whip it up!

Congrats, Sweet Lo's!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's final category: Best Place to Find a Summer Fling