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If every state had an official slang word, this would be Washington's

Jumble Sale (noun): a yard/tag sale.

Can you use that in a sentence, please?

According to an extensive search done by, Washington's favorite words were narrowed down to a list of ten and "jumble sale" was the most interesting winner.

If you've never heard this word before, welcome to the club.

But, let's be real, everywhere we turn there is a yard sale. If it isn't a yard sale (let's face it, this weather is too moody) it's definitely a house sale. It's no wonder Washingtonians have a word for it. enlisted the help of a few linguists to get this study down, and they even polled their followers just to make sure the list was truer than true. Some are raising a few brows but states like California (whose word is 'hella') pretty much make sense. Can't argue with that one.

But we know you're interested, so here are the most interesting words/phrases we found and their states. Can you guess what they mean?

  • Thyme Machine from Wisconsin
  • Yooper from Michigan
  • Cackalacky from North Carolina
  • Toad-Strangler from Florida
  • Might could from Virgina
  • Pogonip from Nevada

If you want to see all 50, head on over to!