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Inside Bellevue Fashion Week: Paloma Hurtado

The Designer: Paloma Hurtado

The Brand: Paloma Hurtado

The Look: Artisanal – Deconstructed – Experimental

Hurtado sees fashion as a non-verbal language. To her, clothes are a way to connect with the world; as a means of protection from it and as a means of defining ourselves. Mix-and-match media, ancient techniques and contrasting textures create an aesthetic that is simultaneously earthy and surreal.

The Inspiration:

“In fashion I consider Rodarte a huge in influence in my work, also Rick Owens and Alexander McQueen. I’m also inspired by artists like Nick Cave, Marina Marina Abramovi? and Yayoi Kusama.”

Behind the Design:

“I recently moved to Seattle from Mexico City, and being from another culture helped me see how important roots are. Through fashion I want to show the world that merging cultures is the new contemporary way of seeing the world.

My collection includes ancient techniques and raw organic materials from Mexico combined with the northwest lifestyle. I’ll mixing two cultures and their respective silhouettes. The result will be full of texture and meaning. Every detail will tell a story and will be a linked to its point of origin.”

Hurtado’s mission is also reflected in her brainchild Norteshop, an online boutique with curated products from Mexican designers for people who “value and care about design made with identity, history and time invested.” Spreading the genius of Mexican craftspeople, artisans and designers, the site celebrates slow fashion at its finest and is a great place to find and purchase distinctive pieces of clothing, jewelry, textiles and art prints.

Fashion Advice:

On Trends

Hurtado likes that iconic luxury brands are becoming more accessible through collaborations like Louis Vuitton with Supreme and Balmain with H&M. She also appreciates that the fashion world is embracing more varied body types and hopes to see that trend continue to take off.

On Being Fashionable

As a “golden rule,” Hurtado recommends combining “high-end, interesting pieces with normal basic clothes so your look will be balanced, with that featured high-end piece serving as your fashion statement.”

On Past Fashion Faux Pas

Hurtado won’t cop to any regrets but does look back on her onetime goth-inspired black-Victorian style with nostalgia. She doesn’t dress in this garb any more but still thinks it’s pretty cool.

Paloma Hurtado and six other independent designers will show off their designs at Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection, the Northwest’s leading runway show venue. Fashion forward, contemporary and luxury shoppers will enjoy an extraordinary experience replete with exclusive runway shows, trend reports and demonstrations, chic parties and irresistible shopping. Learn more and buy your tickets at