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Inside Bellevue Fashion Week: Chany Venturini

The Designer: Maria Rossana Venturini

The Brand: Chany Venturini | Fantasia Collection 2017

The Look: Feminine | Gracious | Elegant

Maria Rossana “Chany” Venturini creates elegant, glamorous pieces that flatter the female form, favoring luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, lace and organza. To Venturini, “fashion is not only what you wear but how you wear it.”

The Inspiration:

“I love Carolina Herrera; she is my role model. We kind of have similar lives. When she was little she used to sew for her dolls and I did the same. Then after her divorce she got into fashion and I did the same; while I was separated and getting divorced I went back to school and now my divorce is final and I am a fashion designer.”

Behind the Design:

“Five years ago I came to the realization that I have a passion for fashion. All my life I have loved dresses, shoes and glamour but I had always my mother and my grandmother to sew for me.

When my mother passed away five years ago and I inherited all her yarns and fabrics, I felt too emotionally connected to the materials to get rid of them because they represented what she loved. She always wanted to have an atelier but never had the opportunity to do so.

I started knitting, but when you’re knitting it takes so long to see the final garment, so I started to sew but I was frustrated that I did not know how to do a professional finish. When I was complaining about it my youngest daughter Catie said “Mom, why not make an appointment with the Art Institute or other fashion design school so you can learn more?”

I did go with her to find out about the school and here I am. After 6 quarters at the Art Institute of Seattle I have just graduated with Honors and received the Designer of the Year Award. I love to design because it makes me feel connected with my mother and grandmothers whom I loved and admired so much. They were very strong women with a great perspective on life and through my designs I can pay homage to their passions and their legacy.”

Fashion Advice:

On Trends

Venturini likes that current designs are embracing the female waist and showcasing curves, although she’s not a particular fan of corsets. She also likes one-shoulder styles for their classic, sexy vibe.

Trends she’s not feeling? “Seaside stripes for summer and the color bright yellow is not for everyone.” She sees these two as fads that will (hopefully!) soon be over.

On Being Fashionable

“Fashion is not only what you wear but how you wear it, how it fits with your personality and how you portray yourself. You can dress in Gucci but if it does not go with who you are then you do not look good.” So be confident and true to yourself.

On Fashion Faux Pas

Venturini sees the fashion industry itself perpetuating a very serious mistake – wastefulness.

“When I was little in Peru we did not have much money and my parents could not buy me clothes, so my mom would ask her sisters to give her their daughters’ old clothes and she would make me clothes out of them. I love to recycle cloth. You can’t imagine how wonderful the world would be if all of us did that – make something new from something old. To learn more you can watch the Netflix documentary ‘The Cost of Fashion’.”

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