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Design: Jersey Virago | Models: Dani May Red, Meagan Kruz | Photography: SS Fashion Photography

Inside Bellevue Fashion Week: Meagan Kruz

The Designer: Meagan Kruz

The Brand: Jersey Virago

The Look: Bold – Badass – Feminine

Kruz’s Jersey Virgaro brand features swimwear, lingerie and accessories. Mixing bold geometric lines, lively patterns and compelling textures, her distinctive designs grab the eye and make a statement. Form-fitting Lycra blends juxtapose with vinyl and metal, resulting in striking visual compositions.

The Inspiration:

“My favorite designer of all time is the late, great Alexander McQueen. His work still inspires me so much. I also like the humor and playfulness of Jeremy Scott. Lately I’ve also been enjoying what Phillip Plein has been doing.”

Behind the Design:

“Growing up in a small town with no real fashion scene, I was drawn to things that looked different from the everyday ‘plain Jane’ clothes I saw people in my town wear. I would pour over the red carpet section of the gossip magazines my mom brought home and fantasize about the clothes the stars wore. The designs were so different from the clothing I saw around town.

I started making clothes for my Barbies out of anything I could find around the house but it wasn't until middle school that I started making clothes for myself. I would stay after school and my home economics teacher would help me make patterns for the designs I was sketching. I would get vintage clothes and fabric from the local thrift store and reconstruct them into my own designs that I would wear to school.

Frankly, I just like all the rule-breaking in fashion, and mixing styles and aesthetics to make something new. I always say to never be forgettable and I carry that believe into the clothing I design. I don't want to make something that you can already go buy at a store – I like to bring things into existence that aren't already there yet.”

Fashion Advice:

On Trends

“I'm really digging all the see-through dresses that are coming out. People are integrating them in more mainstream looks and it's becoming more acceptable to wear a see-through dress as evening wear. I think this styling is a good match for my swimwear and I like the idea of exploring the see-through dress over a swimsuit, or high-waisted bottoms. I also like the athleisure trend that's taking off.”

On Being Fashionable

Kruz’s big rule is super-easy to follow: don’t wear flip-flops outside of the pool or beach area. Her other rule is more of an anti-rule: “I like people to be themselves and I think some rules are meant to be broken.”

On Past Fashion Faux Pas

Kruz has no regrets – in life or fashion.

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