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Book Club Review: Here's what we thought of 'Swimming Lessons'

Our March book was 'Swimming Lessons' by Claire Fuller, and it was a doozy. A missing mother, cheating father and wayward sister make for a mysterious read that leaves you guessing (until literally the last page):

What happened between this married couple??

If you haven't finished it (or - be honest - didn't even start), zero judgment from us, but we do suggest you put it on your list.

Take it from our discussion group this month, they literally couldn't stop talking about it! Where was Ingrid? Why did Gil cheat so much? Who was the protagonist? What will happen to Flora?

We didn't have all the answers to these questions, but we did for others! Fuller herself made a guest appearance via Skype to clue us in to a couple of her thoughts through the process of writing this novel.

Check out the discussion in the video above, and start reading April's book - 'Edgar and Lucy' by Victor Lodato.

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