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Book Club Review: Here's what we thought of 'Edgar & Lucy'

Our April book club pick, "Edgar and Lucy" by Victor Lodato - was one of the heaviest books we've read in a while. What do we mean by that? There were SO many layers, so much grief and loss explored - but in the end it really was a story about kindness.

We had the chance to talk with Lodato himself about the book that took him almost ten years to write (!) and the uncanny similarities to the author and his main character, Edgar, are incredible.

We won't give any spoiler alerts here (don't watch the video if you haven't finished) - but our discussion group at University Book Store regarding this #RefinedRead was one for the records. Not only did we have more members attend than we've ever had, but amazing wine (hello and thank you Precept!) and great conversation.

We've already announced our May book as 'The Turner House' by Angela Flournoy! University Book Store is offering paperback bargain copies for under $7 right now, so no excuses not to join our book club! We'll be meeting to discuss this one on June 1 at the U-District location. RSVP if you want to join!