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(Image courtesy of Lezlie Jane).

Artist of the Week: Lezlie Jane

Seattle might be notorious for niche coffee shops and scenic waterways, but locals know it's also home to an array of people who love to create. This city is chock-full of artists who we love to feature weekly on Seattle Refined! If you have a local artist in mind that you would like to see featured, let us know at And if you're wondering just what constitutes art, that's the beauty of it; it's up to you!

Seattle Refined: How long have you been creating? Do you work with other mediums?
LJ: Creating and art-making became full time for me in the 1980's. Over the decades I have worked in bronze, concrete, glass, steel, enamel, gold, clay, and most currently paint. I love them all.

Can you tell us about your artistic process and how the different stages work into it?
I am an inventor at heart. Problem solving ignites my imagination. My process always includes a bit of adventure and a final discovery. I like my art to inform and surprise me.

Tell us about where your inspiration for your art come from?
I am a Northwest native. The essence of my art speaks to the history, the environment, the visuals, or the issues of my place in the world.

Do you have a specific “beat” you like best – nature, food, profiles etc?
I am very attached to the edges of Puget Sound and the peaks of our northwest mountains.

Do you have one piece of art that means more to you, or is extremely special to you?
When I consider a favorite, I just flip from one work to another. It is all one to me.

What experiences in your life have affected your art the most?
The most influential aspect of my life has been growing up and living on the Duwamish Peninsula.

If we want to see more of your work where should we go to find?
My website,, is a good place to see what I am up to. I also post on Facebook and Instagram @LezlieJaneArt .

What is next for you? Anything you’re working on right now that you’re really excited about?
I am always passionate about what I am working on. That is how I am able to keep creating.

Lastly, how do you take your coffee? We ask everyone!
Strong and black.