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True Life: We Vlogged Our Latest Stitch Fix

We are trying something new here on the web side of things – vlogging! If you haven’t heard of the wonderful world of vlogging, it’s essentially a blog post, but video taped. Pretty self explanatory, yeah? We thought it would be fun to catch up with you all in a new and different way! Thus, the Refined Vlogs were born. Enjoy the video and let us know your feedback!

Let’s chat more about Stitch Fix. The great thing about writing after filming is that I can include a more in-depth explanation as to what Stitch Fix is. As I go back and watch the video above, I’ve come to realize that I am a poor explain-er. Note to self: EXPLAIN THINGS BETTER. Wowza!

Stitch Fix is an apparel delivery service that comes to your door however often you want new items. I personally am signed up for a “fix” every two months. Because I am a Taurus and can be a bit lavish with spending, I need to reign myself in financially sometimes. The mission of Stitch Fix is to make shopping easy and enjoyable. They believe that pairing technology with the human element of personal styling achieves the most personalized, “effortlessly gratifying shopping experience.” The idea is to save time, look great and evolve your personal style over time. I do have to say – if you are a super busy woman (or man) and have a hard time getting to the department store to shop, Stitch Fix is FABULOUS alternative.

Let's break it down, ya'll!

Step One: Sign up. YAY! That was easy. Make your account, personalize your settings, talk about your style, link style pages you identify with through Instagram, connect your fashion and style Pinterest boards, let them know your sizing, and attach your payment method.

Step Two: Schedule your fix! You choose how little or long you want to wait between each box gets delivered.

Step Three: So your first box is on its way. How exciting! Your credit/debit card has already been charged that $20 styling fee and now you’re just patiently waiting for that little box of wonders to show up.

Step Four: THE BOX IS AT YOUR DOOR! Open it, love it, live it, breath it. Try it on! After deciding which items you love or leave, get onto your Stitch Fix account and check out. They will ask you, item by item, how well your fix was stylized to your personal style and needs. Be thoughtful as to what you would like to see in your next delivery.

  • What if you don't like anything? Send it back free of charge in the pre-labeled package they included in your box. The only thing you lost was that $20 styling fee.
  • What if you like everything? The $20 styling fee gets refunded immediately AND you get 25% off your entire order.
  • What if you want to keep only a few items? The $20 styling fee gets refunded immediately and you package the items you aren't keeping and drop it off at nearest post office.

Step Five: You've dropped your returns at the post office and you are set to rock your new items on the streets!

Step Six: Wait for your next fix to arrive, duh!

Let's chat about the items from my fix/the vlog. I have to say, I was only partially pleased with this fix. I am writing this review a few days after the initial filming and opening of my box and I’ve had some time to sleep on it. I usually don’t worry extensively about pricing, but I have been penny pinching/ballin' on a budget recently, so I am being a bit more thoughtful on whether or not to buy something.


Level 99 Primrose Skinny Jeans. I absolutely loved these jeans. I love a dark wash skinny jeans so much I will probably name my first born: Dark Wash Skinny Jean. They fit perfectly and have a little bit of stretch so if I need to drop it low there is a lot of room to do so. These pants were $98. The price tag was kind of a stretch for me BUT jeans are timeless and last forever. Did I just rationalize my expensive jean addiction? Maybe.

Pixley Matata Faux Suede Pocket Knit. I like this top. I don't think I love it. The thing that sold me on it was that it felt like a closet staple. Sometimes you just need a long sleeve shirt for your closet. As someone who typically goes for darker clothes, I appreciated the pink and white colors to help me step out of my comfort zone a bit. The top is $44 which isn’t too bad, but hey – ya gotta do what you gotta do for the love of fashion! This top is an exclusive design for Stitch Fix so I apologize, but I can’t link it out/find anywhere for you to buy it! I guess you'll just have to sign up for it ;)

On The Fence Items:

Bay to Baubles Vale Filigree Leaf Pendant. I liked this necklace a lot and I wanted to keep it, but it was $28 dollars and I don’t think I can get myself to drop nearly 30 bucks on a necklace... I am honestly the type of person that goes to Forever 21 or H&M and stocks up on really cheap and on trend jewelry. Accessories are tricky because one day certains styles are IN and the next... OUT! This was a tough one, but I had to pass! This necklace is also an exclusive items developed by Stitch Fix.

BOBEAU Neil Mixed Material Cardigan. At first I was like, yeah lets grab this one. I only have like two cardigans in my closet and I think they are TIRED. But the more I contemplated the maroon/purple piece, the more I said no. It wasn't my style and felt kind of blah. Even though I am in the market for a cardigan, I had to pass on this too. My momma told me never to settle, girl! This is also an exclusive design from Stitch Fix.

Run, Do-Not-Walk Items:

Renee C. Jory Split Neck Blouse. OH MY GOOOOD. I took one look at this top and literally my eyes bled. This is not an exaggeration. I feel bad saying this because someone else might really love this top – but I have to tell you I was horrified. This was full-on my grandmothers shirt. This was like Grandma’s Gone Wild to the casino in Vegas. Or better yet, Grandma-rdi Gras. See what I did there?! GRANDMARDIS GRAS. Anyways, back to the shirt. The print, the color, the list goes on and on and I was definitely NOT impressed. I chucked this bad boy at the post office lady and went on my merry way.

And that's all she wrote, folks. If I convinced you to sign up for Stitch Fix, visit them online to create your personal profile and schedule your first box! I hope you enjoyed the vlog, and please give us your feedback!