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Embrace these new neutrals this fall. Olives, grays, and spicy mustards are going to be go-to’s this season. (Image: Broke and Fabulous)

Tips on Slaying This Fall: Pack your closet with these colors, prints

If you’re like me and slacked off on your fall/winter or “back to school” shopping, you have some serious catching up to do. If you’re wondering what colors and trends are “it” for this fall, we have got you covered! Here are some must-have fall favorites that will keep you looking good well past the holiday season.

Feline Prints
From full-on leopard print dresses to simple details on a belt or shoes, feline prints are the cat’s meow this season. If you’re feeling bold, go for a leopard print bomber jacket (Ralph Lauren, or if prints aren't your thing, use this pattern as a pop of color on an accessory or small bracelet.

Earth Tones
Embrace these new neutrals this fall. Olives, grays, and spicy mustards are going to be go-to’s this season. Leave your khakis and whites in the drawer and throw on a pair of olive green jeans with a hazy taupe or deep chocolate blouse. Richness is key with these colors to keep your look from getting washed out.

Reds, Reds, and More Reds
Different shades of reds have been setting the runway on fire. Find the shade that compliments your skin tone and embrace your inner siren. Throw on a plum-based burgundy dress or boots for work, or apply a bright scarlet red on your lips with a neutral outfit. Find your go-to piece and rock it as often as possible!

Dive into Blues
While earthy neutrals and reds are taking the forefront this season, blue is not to be overlooked. A deep sea blue complimented by a grittier light blue is making huge waves this season. Matching pieces to make up a pantsuit or collection of color is all the rage or give add a punch with a long blue trench. You can also pair a softer but bold baby blue with camel shoes or vest for a killer combo.

The Classic Leather Jacket
Dress down any outfit and instantly embrace your rockstar vibe with the perfect black leather jacket. Pair over jeans and a t-shirt or throw over your favorite flow cocktail dress for a sexy yet feminine look. This long moto-style jacket at Zara (located in Westlake Center downtown or Bellevue) is a perfect fit for any occasion. Or if you’re hesitant on diving into the leather realm, pick up a faux copy cat at forever21 or H&M to work up to the full blown leather commitment.