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From a desire for a more tailored and feminine ski outfit with personality, Jane Seim began making her own ski ensembles that impressed on and off the slopes. (IMAGE: CORDOVA)

This luxury ski apparel line is So Northwest, and So Refined

This is amazing! When we heard that there was a luxury ski apparel line founded in Seattle, our little Refined hearts went aflutter.

Cordova believes that for every winter destination adventuress, there is no need to sacrifice style while on the slopes.

"There are a handful of brands that may have one ski suit in their collection, but currently, we are the only ski apparel company that specializes in technical one-piece ski suits, designed by women for women, with an emphasis on fit and fashion," founder Jane Seim told us.

Seim came up with the luxurious ideas in 2014 on the slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho. It was her wedding day, and the snowy March day they were married on was absolutely gorgeous.

"For me, the mountains have always represented a sense of escapism, freedom, and creativity," she said. "Out of a desire for a more imaginative and tailored ski costume, I began experimenting with my own ski ensemble - incorporating texture and print that drew the attention of fellow skiers."

Over the next year, Seim studied in-depth the history of ski fashion, traveled to industry fashion shows in Europe and North America, and collected fabric and trims everywhere she went. December 2016, they launched CORDOVA.

"My family is in the fishing industry, so while I grew up in Seattle, I spent every summer traveling to Alaska with my parents and sisters," Seim explained. "Overlooking the little town of Cordova, Alaska (the birthplace of my mother and oldest sister, Erika), is a mountain called Mt. Eccles. When the snow melts every summer, a patch of snow remains in the shape of a woman dancing in a long dress. The locals refer to her as ‘The Lady on the Mountain’. When my mother was a child growing up in Cordova, she was convinced that one day she would know the lady on the mountain."

Tragically, Seim's sister Erika passed away on a mountainside in Colorado in 1998.

"My mother looked upon the lady on the mountain and thought perhaps, it was her daughter all along," she said. "Erika was a free-spirited, wild-hearted, a lover of the mountains. In essence, our name and logo embodies that story and in many ways, is a tribute to some of the most powerful and inspiring women in my life."

The response to Cordova has been fantastic.

"It took us a few weeks to generate recognition, but we were lucky to draw the attention of some prominent fashion influencers that helped launch our brand," said Seim. "Our first collection sold out completely. Today, we ship ski suits to women all over the world - from Australia to Milan, Singapore to New York, to our local followers in the Pacific Northwest."

The most popular outfit for Seattle women? The Aspen (although The Montana and Cortina are also popular).

The suits range from $810 - $2,000, made of fabric sourced almost exclusively from artisans in Switzerland, Italy and France - and handmade in Vancouver B.C. or New York City.

"Selecting quality fabrics and trim is of the utmost importance to me and will continue to be a pillar of our label," said Seim.

So what do you think, is it time to freshen up that ski style? You can find Cordova online, or in-store at Selfridges in London, Miller Sports in Aspen or Sporting Life in Canada.