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The new fashion line that gets real & redefines women's clothing sizes

I just realized that I despise the term “Plus Size."

How often do you read an article that says something like, “The new standard size clothing line you’re going to love?" Never - the answer is never. And if you want to get technical, the "average women" in the US is a size 12-14. So, when the designers behind Universal Standard came out with a clothing line for sizes 10-28they NAILED IT. They didn’t call it "Plus Size." They refer to the line as “size inclusive." Can we all just breathe a collective sigh of relief and say, "FINALLY!"

Ladies - it’s here. A clothing line that embraces the everyday woman. Shopping will no longer be a chore, it will be fun! Also, another bonus is that this sleek and modern clothing line is totally affordable. Prices start at $30 and the most expensive item is a darling coat for $350. Not bad at all. We should also mention that Universal Standard prides themselves on the fabric they use. No pilling, invisible stretch, cashmere and silky smooth inner lining.

I had to try on some of these goodies and I instantly fell in love with basically everything. The fabric feels so smooth and not clingy at all (plus it’s forgiving). Most of the current line consists of neutral colors like black, grey, nude, mustard and white but there are some game changing bright pinks and blues. Think elevated essentials and basics that will last for years to come.

One of the best parts about meeting the team behind the brand was seeing shoppers in the store trying on clothing from the Universal Standard line. I saw multiple women look in the mirror and they couldn’t help but to smile – they felt great! In fact, I was told that the company is constantly receiving “love letters” from women who are so pleased with how they look and more importantly how they feel when wearing these clothes.

The sizing works like this. When you try on an XS dress, it’s actually a size 10-plusand they go up from there. I’m a size 10 (sometimes more, sometimes less) and I can tell you, I’ve never worn an XS. I have to say was pretty gratifying to throw that bad boy on. It’s all about how the clothes make you feel and embracing your “right now” bodynot your dream body.

And if that's not enough, the deal just gets sweeter! The company has a program where you can exchange core items that don’t fit anymore – whether you need to size up or down. They then launder and donate the used clothing. How awesome is that?

Time to kick your 'inner body bully' to the curb and celebrate those beautiful curves.

If you want to get shopping, you can always go online 24/7 at or visit the showroom in Redmond. You’ll need to make an appointment for that, call (425) 896-8584. Get it girl!