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Yeah right "belt bags".....these will ALWAYS be fanny packs :) (Image: Thinkstock)

They're Baaaack: The Return of the Fanny Pack

Is it just me or have you also seen an increase in fanny-pack-wearing folks around Seattle?

I'm not just talking about dads and tourists, it's millennials and super cute girls AND guys. Did I miss the memo? Is the fanny pack the new/old trucker hat? (ewww).

How can something that my dad wears on vacation with what I call his "adventure outfit" actually be cool?

And since when did the fanny become start being called a "belt bag"?! Just stop, it's a fanny pack (stop trying to make fetch happen Gretchen). Before you roll your eyes (like I did), you should know that fanny packs have actually changed quite a bit from the polyester neon versions people carried around in the 80s and 90s.

These days, they're made out of leather with fringe, tribal prints and there's even designer fanny packs. No joke, I found a fanny pack at Nordstrom for more than a thousand dollars! (Here's the proof). I guess who wouldn't want to carry around all their stuff hands-free? The fanny pack might just be the "IT" bag of 2016. I'm still on the fence, but if you feel inclined to get a belt bag, I mean fanny pack - here are a few I deem fashionable (enough):

  • This B.P Fringe Belt Bag ($24 at Nordstrom). With this price I'd say go for it. Rock the trend and see if you really are a fan of the fanny pack before you pay big bucks for something you'll only wear once.
  • Keep it old school with this Silver Bum Bag on Etsy ($34.53). You can get it custom-made. Pick a hot print and go for it (to match your L.A Gear Sneakers and neon leg warmers of course).
  • Try this super cute ASOS Geo-Tribal Pack ($31), I love this fanny pack! I'd never thought I'd say love and fanny pack in the same sentence. It's darling.
  • Class up the joint with this Michael Kors Quilted Fanny Pack ($98 on Amazon). Perfect for a glam night out.

It's dorky, yet bad-ass at the same time. I guess if it means I'd be able to carry more Nordstrom bags while I'm out shopping, I'd consider getting on-board. But there are some rules here. If your waist is your "problem area", maybe don't draw attention to it with a fanny pack? #justsayin

What about your man wearing a fanny pack? If he looks like this, YES PLEASE! As Yahoo Style pointed out Jared Leto is working to bring back the pack (all six of them, looking good J). If you're cool enough to wear a fanny pack and make it look good, bottom line (I'm jealous) - go for it.