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From natural to glam, OJ Johnson will give you the lashes you've been dreaming about. (Image: Lash & Wax Boutique)

The secret to amazing lashes? A guy named OJ

O.J. Johnson isn’t afraid to show his girly side.

A few years ago, he became the first male student to enroll in Evergreen Beauty College, after a successful career in construction. He made it his goal to set the standard on how eyelash extensions are done.

Why make the drastic career change? To help out his wife, Carolina Cruz.

Carolina is an esthetician who specializes in eyelash extensions. When her clientele list grew to more than she could handle, O.J. decided to help out. The duo opened their first Lash and & Wax Boutique in Green Lake, and he enrolled in beauty school.

Now, the couple owns three salons, recently opening their third (their first full-service salon) in lower Queen Anne. It’s a far cry from where they saw themselves as teenagers; Carolina had her first daughter when she was a teenager in high school and O.J.’s parents were addicted to drugs. His grandparents took over raising him when he was 13.

Despite their unsettled pasts, the couple has nothing but a bright future ahead. Even with raising their two daughters, loving on their French bulldog and running three Lash & Wax locations, they’re showing no signs of letting up.

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