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Bolo Wrap Necklace.jpg
This 'Bolo Wrap Necklace' is hands down, my FAV way to rock a choker! Pair with a V neck T or a low cut dress. (Image: Nordstrom)

The 90's Choker is BAAACK (and we're not mad about it)

Yet ANOTHER 90s throwback is making a comeback. The choker is here in a big way, and they're not the stretchy tattoo looking necklaces that you used to buy from the gumball style vending machine, they're way better! From celebs (like the Kardashians) to the runway, get inspired by the new (or should we say old) choker trend. It's a way to make your look a bit edgy with a touch of dark glamour. Like any trend, there's a right way and a wrong way. Velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather. There's something for everyone, check out our gallery for ideas!

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