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(Photo Credit: Scrunchies By Mar)

Snohomish teen entrepreneurs capitalize on the scrunchie craze

There are two things I love nothing more in this world - entrepreneurship and the power of sisterhood. When you look at all the “greats” in business, you can almost bet that they embody that entrepreneur, go-getter spirit. They start young and they start bold. They have vision and they’re not afraid of hard work. Then, there's the dynamic between sisters. Sometimes it’s biological and sometimes it’s on a soul level, but the support sisters offer to one another is immeasurable and powerful.

Today I’m thrilled to introduce sisters Marley and Zoe Macris, a Snohomish County duo with entrepreneur hearts and a scrunchie business on the rise: Scrunchies By Mar.

In case you haven’t noticed, the once popular hair accessory, are again hitting the fashion scene. In fact, all things 90’s are back at it! From toddlers to millennial moms, scrunchies in all sorts of patterns and textures are donning wrists and ponytails alike. It was with this rise in popularity that Marley had an idea.

“I started this business in the beginning to save money for Younglife’s Wyldlife Camp,” says Marley, who is 13. “It became such a success and was so fun that I kept taking it to the next level!”

Initially, Scrunchies By Mar was solely Marley’s project. From design to sales, she managed it all - until the momentum of the scrunchie craze caught up with her. Things got busy! When the tides changed from mere fundraiser to full-on small business, Marley hired her 16-year-old sister Zoe. Now, the two girls work 8-10 hours a week fulfilling orders and marketing their adorable scrunchie line.

Recently, Scrunchies By Mar made a highlight sale - a large order from the WSU cheerleading team! Marley considers it one of her most exciting business moments to date.

When not attending school, Marley and Zoe spend time on the basketball court. In fact, Zoe’s high school team will soon be playing in the state championship at the Tacoma Dome! It will be exciting to follow the Macris sisters in the years to come - both in their basketball endeavors and their business - it’s certain many good things are to come. Both girls have their sights set on college (business degrees, perhaps?) and Zoe shared that she hopes to travel after she earns her degree as well.

And now, the information you’re all waiting for how to order your very own scrunchies from Scrunchies By Mar! To see their current inventory and place an order, visit Scrunchies By Mar on Facebook and Instagram. Yes, this is a social media driven business. Through either outlet you can message Marley and Zoe with questions or to claim your fabulous new scrunchie(s) and arrange payment/shipment.

What’s next for these dynamite sisters and Scrunchies By Mar? Marley told Seattle Refined that they’ve started experimenting with beaded bracelet and anklet designs! Which means, these two might just be the Northwest’s next go to business for all things hip accessories! Go get ‘em Macris sisters, Seattle Refined will be cheering you on!

Scrunchies by Mar will also be at the So Northwest Women's Show at the Tacoma Dome on Feb. 29 - March 1. Tickets are available at the door, and online.