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Need Help Sticking to Your Resolution? We Gotchu

You’ve made it through one week of your New Year’s Resolution – congrats! Stick-to-it-iveness alone will not turn your new health kick into a habit, though. That’s why we’re encouraging you to treat yo’ self in 2017. Pick up a cool tool to help you stick to your resolution as a reward for making it through week one – we’re personally super into these guys:

If You Decided to Work Out More in 2017:
Be prepared for everything – including Seattle’s super short sunny days. Stay safe when it’s dark out and you’re going for a late evening run with cool light-up spurs. They don’t bounce around on your tee shirt, you’ll forget you’re wearing them, and you’ll feel like you’re in a sci-fi (they're also under $20 right now). The other thing we’re into: Fitbit’s Flex 2. It’s tiny, easily swaps into more glam bangles and necklaces, and has automatic reminders to move every hour. (Hint – we like using the hourly buzz on our wrist as a reminder to drink more water.) Speaking of which…

If You’re Trying to Drink More Water:
Lugging a water bottle around and remembering to drink all day is a little rough. If sticking a bottle in your bag is a drag, check out memobottle – the weird-but-cool shape is designed to slip more easily into a briefcase, backpack, or tote because it lines up with your papers, smartphone, or tablet. If just remembering to sip is tough enough, Hidrate Spark 2.0 is the bottle for you. It syncs to your step counter, blinks when it’s time to drink more, and keeps track of how much you consumed that day. (And if you lose it, it will tell you where it synced to your phone last). Prefer your drinks without the tech? Just go for glitz – we’re personally into this glass water bottle with gold glitter.

If You’re Trying to Streamline Your Mornings:
Mom always said to lay your outfit out in advance. We like that rule, but we think it’s way cooler to streamline your makeup routine. Glossier has you covered – we’ve always been fans of the brand’s cool-girl look, but one of our favorite things is how low maintenance the whole line is. Their Phase 1 set retools your skincare and face makeup routine, and their Phase 2 set upgrades and simplifies your lip and brow game. Just swipe on some mascara and you’re good to go.