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SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 03: Fashion designer Stella McCartney poses for a photo during a personal appearance at Nordstrom Downtown Seattle on November 3, 2016 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Nordstrom)

Stella McCartney: The first thing she ever designed & if she has a favorite Beatles song

We just met Stella McCartney and suprise surprise - she's just as chic as you'd imagine. The high-end fashion designer is proving you CAN apparently do it all: apparel, active wear, kids wear, beauty, accessories and bags (just to name a few) and she's a wife and mom of four. And did we mention that her dad is former Beatles member Paul McCartney (no, because you already know that)?

In an intimate setting at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom store, we had the chance to talk with the woman, the legend, the myth. She dished on her inspirations, family life, how doing your part for the environment really matters AND her take on music (it's in her blood after all).

It feels like you’ve done it all – accessories, bags, lingerie, kids….where does your true passion lie and what do you keep coming back to for inspiration?
I've always wanted to be a fashion designer, even at a young age I knew. I was inspired by my parents' wardrobes. At 12-years old I designed my first thing - a suede bomber jacket. It looked a little 80's but today it would still be considered on-point. My true inspiration is the women I design for, the women I serve. The inspiration behind my style is based on emotions. Fashion can take itself really seriously, I also want it to be fun.

How does music influence your work?
Our (fashion) shows are known for having great music. Our new menswear line (it hasn't launched yet) has music-inspired elements. Music is in my blood, I could get really deep with this but I won't because it could turn into a therapy session. Music inspires me in so many ways, but one thing I don't like is when people play music in the workroom, I find it really distracting.

Will you share with us your favorite Beatles song and why?
There's no way I can pick just one, there just so many.

Who dresses your four kids?
They do! I did for a long time, then at about age 4 or 5 one of my children decided that they wanted to dress themselves. I thought I had until age 11 at least until I had to deal with this. They are pretty much dressed head-to-toe in the the Stella line, but they pick out what they wear.

What's your favorite fashion venture to work on?
I love it all! I don't have one favorite. I do really enjoy beauty lately. I feel like I get to work with and inspire a whole new generation of girls. I also really enjoy lingerie and swimwear. One thing I love about the kids line is the creativity that goes into it. The kids don't look like their parents dressed them perfectly. The new menswear line has also been really fun and inspiring to work on".

Another highlight from our conversation: Stella is a passionate environmentalist. She says she's a stronger believer is sustainable fashion. The designer acknowledges she's not perfect (she flies in planes and has a car), but thinks that everyone should do their part - including her fashion empire. That's why it was important for her to make her active line with Adidas nearly 40 percent sustainable. Her philosophy is that it is better to do something than nothing.

The fashion designer is also using her creative talents to help women who've undergone mastectomies feel just as feminine and beautiful as they've always have with her double mastectomy bra. While beautiful in design, the bra also provides the same functionality and comfort that mastectomy surgery requires like compression, deep sides, a wide underband and a zipper front to help with accessibility. McCartney lost her mother Linda to breast cancer in 1998.

Nordstrom is currently offering exclusive Stella McCartney merchandise (check out the gallery for a peak).