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Spring Hair Trends for 2015 include texture, bright colors and bobs. (Image: Vann Edge Salon)

Spring 2015 Hair Trends - Yes or Yikes?

Ever find yourself flipping through a magazine or see a new haircut on someone and silently exclaim, "Wait. is that really the trend?!"

Don't feel uncool for not knowing! It's easy to question the bright blue colors or chopped off bobs.

I often think, "Um, what does the public think of that? Would I look good with that trend?" So I went out and found the answers.
Two of Seattle's most modern, high fashion salons gave their professional take on what is trending for Spring 2015. From the expertise of one New York Fashion week hair team, Vann Edge Salon, to Gary Manuel Salon, with their own institute for vogue hair, I knew they would know the most.
But expert opinion can often differ from public opinion - so I hit the streets to ask real women what's a YES and what's a YIKES.

  • Vann Edge Salon's response was: Shag with Texture, Bohemian Bob, Choppy Pixie, and classic shape with a twist.

  • Gary Manuel Salon agreed on exposing Texture and increasing over all Volume. They included: Strong fringes, heavy layering, and a 'Modern Shag'.

  • Seattle's overall 'yes' was the shag, bohemian bob and textured cuts. Tova Edwards said, "Bohemian Bob is smooth and elegant with a touch of sassy." 'Versatile' and 'easy to maintain' were echoed in responses.

  • Seattle's overall 'heck no' hair cut was by far the pixie. Diana Nguyen added, "Pixie classic looks a bit too high maintenance." Angelique exclaimed, "I would never do a pixie again - been there. I look too boyish with short hair." Many surveyed has a similar experience with the short hair, however all applauded women who can pull the trend off.

  • Seattle's trend they would most willingly try was more texture. Samantha Reynolds said, "The texture trend reminds me of a version of a Victoria Secret model; I am always trying to achieve more volume."


  • Gary Manuel Salon advises: Light copper gold, 'evolved ombre' with less difference between the roots and ends, and all shades of blondes.

  • Vann Edge Salon agreed with blondes and the blended roots. The salon's top trends were also: Tortoise shell, caramel, and bright, bold colors.

  • Seattle's overall 'yes' was surprisingly bright and bold colors. Merina Bigley said, "Kylie Jenner was really onto something with her blue ombre. Bellami recently came out with a ton of extensions in bright bold ombre hues, which is a great alternative for people wanting to test out a fun trend with out making the commitment to permanent color." Also, the more blended ombre is a hit.

  • Seattle women actually were very open to the hair color trends. No 'heck no's were called out, perhaps because color can easily be reversed.

  • Seattle's trend they would most willingly try was the evolved ombre. Taryn Smith said, "The ombre is gorgeous, I would love to try it!" Jessica Wicklund said, "I like the blended out roots trend the best because, as a new mom, it would require less upkeep on my blonde AND save money."

Want to try something new this Spring but not sure what?
"Professional stylists know the trends the would work best for you and can guide you to your best result," Vann Edge Salon owner Lisa Vann advises.
J'keren Sears of Gary Manuel Salon also suggested to collaborate with your hair designer.If you want a subtle Spring change add in quick tape extensions or rough up your ponytail or bun. Both are trends with no commitment.