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Refined Review: A reusable cotton swab?

The Refined team is stuck inside, just like you guys - and we're similarly trying to find things to do and ways to pass the time! John Prentice started 'Refined Reviews' where he reviews everyday household items (and more unique ones) - because honestly, why not. And we're biased but we think he's pretty funny.

How many cotton swabs do you go through each week? Odds are high it's a decent amount — but what if you could reuse a cotton swab? If it sounds weird - yeah, we get it. But a reusable cotton swab actually exists, and because *insert a good reason here* - I decided to try it.

The LastSwab is made by LastObject, a company that creates sustainable alternatives for single-use items. According to the company's website, the LastSwab replaces 1,000 individual single-use cotton swabs — which is awesome, but what really stood out when I got my hands on it was the switchblade case it came in.

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We love to try out products here at Refined. Upon first glance, the LastSwab resembles a grinding drill bit, but for your ear! It's not soft, per se, but it definitely feels like it's meant for cleaning. After you're done, clean with soap and water, and it's ready for its next use. Easy enough, right?

The LastSwab costs around $12, which is about twice as expensive as 1,000 disposable cotton swabs — but if you're trying to reduce your carbon footprint, it might be worth the purchase.