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Seattle based Posie Turner pairs great socks and inspiring words. (Image: Posie Turner)

Socks + Words: Seattle Company's Perfect Pairing

There are so many cool things happening in Seattle, literally right under our feet! There are so fabulous small businesses getting a foothold on the market - from Fuchsia shoes to Soli & Sun jewelry. And, then, there's Posie Turner socks. This biz is selling something that we all need - socks. But owner Leslie Ota's designs elevate the regular sock to something colorful, joyful and inspirational! We at Seattle Refined got to put our virtual feet up [pun intended] and confab with the woman behind this up-and-coming sock brand.

Seattle Refined: Leslie Ota, you are the founder of Posie Turner socks - designed right here in Seattle. I've got tell you they knock my socks off!
Leslie Ota: Posie Turner really grew out of my love for socks and good words. I’ve always really appreciated the ritual of choosing which pair of socks to wear in the morning. I remember as a kid, going to my sock drawer and thinking is it a disco neon kind of day, or a preppy stripes kind of day?

What make words so powerful? And how does wearing them kind of give you a boost in your day?
I think if you just think about how a strong ‘Yes’ or an ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m all in’ can really change your energy or shift somebody else’s or even spark life change or a dream come true. I really believe that our words can be our personal guides.

So tell me about the aesthetic of these socks?
Modern high energy pop-y colors. I also love black so you’ll see a lot of black and classic lines. We have a men’s collection, we have a women’s collection, really teens to 101-year-olds can wear them. Of course they’re designed here in Seattle and they’re woven at a second generation family-owned factory in Peru. Our socks are woven with Peruvian prima cotton which is one of the finest cottons in the world.

You guys have some fun styles!
For 'shelter in place' I would just like to share a couple favorites right now. For women, ‘Dance it Out’ is a great one. I think one of my favorites right now going into fall is ‘Make it Count.’ Coming out this fall is ‘Feed Your Soul'. For men right now, ‘Trust’ is really popular. Also ‘Inspire Yourself’ is a great sock for men and women. ‘I Love you’ is also a favorite gift for holiday and all year.

So how do you come up with the ideas for the socks?
Oh gosh everything from art to travel to architecture. My deep curiosity about humans, the universe. I think really where it really hits home is I think where we are going to be meeting our customer on their path of life. Are they going to be dreaming, are they going to be celebrating, are they going to be healing, are they going to be questioning?

Why is philanthropy such an important part of this company for you?
Well, Posie Tuner is really a vehicle of love and contribution to me. So we want to inspire and pay it forward and really our goal is to donate 10% of our proceeds to share with charities. I think we can all look around and see that the world needs healing in all kinds of ways. So all living beings, the planet and it’s not gonna heal by itself so every little bit helps. And I simply would love to see Posie Turner grow so we can touch more lives and donate more.

So what do the socks symbolize for you because obviously, yes - we all need the. But it’s more than that.
I think socks for me - it’s the start of a new day and anything’s possible!

For more on Posie Turner socks, check out their website and Instagram feed.