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We Crashed an Ex-Sea Gal's Photoshoot to Get the 411 on Summer Style

Former Sea Gal Lindsay Moen knows a thing or two about rocking spandex. After seven of years of cheering on the Hawks, this self-taught seamstress decided to put down her pom poms and pick up a sewing needle... and Dollstreet was born.

Her completely customized swimsuits have been donned by pro-football team cheerleaders all over country including the Redskins, the Chargers and of course the Seattle Seahawks.

The good news is, Lindsay also designs stylish swimwear for the rest of us! From sweet pastel-hued suits to racy red velvet, there's a gorgeous array of pieces to choose from. Refined got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her sizzling designs for spring and summer.