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An example of the natural glow you get from So Bronze! (Image: Courtesy of Christine Face & Body)

The Pasty Girl's Love Letter to the Perfect Self-Tanner

You guys. I have found the BEST sunless tanner that is THE answer to the Seattle rainy season and what it does to my oh-so- white skin, or more realistically, what it doesn’t do. Which is tan it. My skin becomes translucent during the winter every year as I struggle to not walk around looking ghostly or have to buy make-up that's about 3 shades lighter. Besides booking a vacation to a sunny place, So Bronze Sunless Tanning Spray is literally the next best thing and for me, this little bottle saved one of the most important days of my life!

True story - I had done a fancy spray tan right before my wedding and made the brilliant decision to go to a spa to relax (including a steam room and hot tub) that subsequently rubbed off my tan in a very chaotic and disturbing way. We’re talking random streaks of multi-colored and multi-directional lines ALL over my backand my wedding dress was completely backless!! Right before I resigned to the fact that I’m going to be walking down the isle with what looks like an abstract painting on my back and how I would play it off as “artistic,” So Bronze and my esthetician, Christine, from Christine Face and Body came to my much needed rescue.

After describing my tanning fiasco during a facial, Christine sprayed me down with So Bronze Sunless Tanning and to my surprise, I not only had a natural looking and light bronze glow, but my back was looking more and more even by the minute! I immediately snagged a bottle to take with me and couldn’t be happier about it. I sprayed more on the night before the wedding and it was my back turned out even, subtle, and quite literally saved the day.

Sure, there are other options out there with spray tans at tanning salons, lotions that take a bit of dedication and start to build over a couple days, but what I love about this product is it literally takes about 8-10 seconds to apply. With how well it stays on and how little it smells, you can literally spray it on post-shower, before bed, or even over make-up during the day for a nice little color pick-me-up. There were a couple times even when I was covered up everywhere else in true Seattle style, and I’d just spray some on my face and neck to look just a tiny bit less like Casper.

The trick is to keep it moving in a circular motion and don’t stay in one spot for too long for a perfect blanket of bronze goodness. For approximately $25, you can get your own vaca in a bottle while we wait out the rest of winter into a hopefully not too rainy spring. If you find yourself trying and loving this products, like myself, be sure to check out similar sister products such as bronzing mousse and moisturizers to help keep you looking sun-kissed until summer arrives!