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"Being specific about your interests and life is the best way to stand out, because it makes it easy for a match to message you." (Image: Laurie Davis Edwards, Founder and CEO of e-Flirt)

Online Dating: How to standout (in a good way)

Millions of people go to the web on a regular basis in the search of the big L word: LUST, oops I mean: LOVE. That's right, LOVE. Whether you're looking for Mr/Miss Right, or maybe just your Right Now, we've come up with some tips to help little old you stand out.

Full disclosure, I know nothing about online dating because I've never done it. The reason I became interested in the topic is because I had a handful of single friends asking me fashion advice for their dating profiles. Intrigued, I went to a real expert: Founder and CEO of eFlirt Laurie Davis Edwards. If these tips help you find true love, I better be invited to the wedding!

Seattle Refined: How do you make your dating profile stand out?
E-Flirt: Being specific about your interests and life is the best way to stand out, because it makes it easy for a match to message you. Mention the things you like to do – particularly those you may have in common with the type of person you’re trying to attract.

What do you wear in your profile pic?
Color is most important. Studies show that red is the best color to wear in a main pic, but if that doesn’t work for your skin tone, any bold color will do. The idea is to pop off the page to catch your match’s eye.

What pics should every profile have?
These pictures are essential for every profile: a full body shot, a photo where your face takes up most of the frame, and a pic of you doing something fun that gives a sense of your personality.

Are there still rules in regards to response time? Do you wait to reach out after a date if you had a good time?
Momentum in communication is so important. It is what will keep your relationship with someone moving forward. When you lag on response time, you risk losing interest. When you’re on a dating site, respond to any conversations you have going within 24 hours. Since apps and texts are more real-time environments, try to reply within a few hours. Even after a date, there are no rules on waiting any longer – you can message as soon as later that evening to say thank you.

Gym selfies, are they a YES or a NO?
It really depends on who you’re trying to attract and what message you want to convey to them. Gym selfies can show a clear interest of yours, they can also appear cocky to some.

Is there any way to ensure that you don’t get ‘catfished’?
The best way to avoid getting catfished is to be conscious of moving your conversations offline. At eFlirt, we find that it’s best to suggest meeting up after about six messages total on a site, or twenty texts on an app. After all, that’s really where you’ll connect … or not. If a match dodges your dates or avoids meeting up, something is fishy. And never give anyone you haven’t met money – that’s something scammers will ask for.

What are some red flags daters should watch out for?
People who don’t put a lot of effort into their profile may not be serious about finding someone. Anyone who dodges your dates may not have the right intentions. If your match says they are “looking to be friends first,” it’s unlikely they are seeking a committed relationship.

What’s the most common mistake you see on a profile?
Not being specific enough – a lot of people rely on clichés, or don’t say much in their profile which can come off as lazy.

Can you give any advice for NEW on-line daters? What about JADED daters?
For newbies, know that consistency is what is important. Finding love is not a sprint, so avoid spending dozens of hours online in one week. If you’re consistent in a manageable way – like logging on for 20 minutes each day – it’s more likely you’ll stick with it and meet the right person. For those who are feeling jaded, it’s usually due to past experiences. Remember that those negative experiences don’t define you – or your potential for meeting the right person.

Can you please share a success story?
There are so many! More than 100 of our former clients at eFlirt are now married or engaged. Here's a video that sums up a few of our success stories.

Happy dating! Hope you swipe right into love (hehe).