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(Image: PKO Custom Hand Painted Ties)

One-of-a-Kind Ties! Boring dressers need not apply

Kent Tompkins is an artist. When you walk into his home you are surrounded by big, bright, bold paintings.

“You’d be hard pressed to find earth tones in my pieces," Kent said. "This world is full of color and so are my pieces and they’re out there to bring a happy mood the colors are strong and vibrant and everywhere.”

But lately, Kent has been working on smaller canvases, ones you can tie on and wear around your neck. But these ties aren't ordinary, stuffy office-wear. They're BOLD!

“It started years ago," said Kent. "My third daughter was getting married and her name is Teal and she came to me with some teal colored ties and said 'Dad can you do something with this?' I said absolutely, and I made six or seven ties.

It was a huge hit at the wedding, and Kent loved wearing his own work. Then he started getting requests - so he made a few more - and pretty soon he had a business!

Can you pull off one of Kent's designs? Find out at his online shop.

If you'd like to see these ties for yourself, check out his website.